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AIR For Android Released!

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Today the full promise of having the Flash Platform on Android has been realized with the release of the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) 2.5 for Android phones.  Some Flash/Flex developers have been itching to get native-running Flash apps into the mobile sphere, and after testing their apps against the prerelease, which has been out for some time, they are ready to go to market.

Although the prerelease SDK supported Android 2.1 and 2.2, this final release only runs on 2.2.  The phone must also have an ARMv7 processor or better along with OpenGL ES 2.0 support.  This includes most devices that can already run Flash 10.1.

Adobe Air Android Touch Application from robin van emden on Vimeo.

AIR for Android can handle native installers that plug into the base and outgoing 'intent' is supported.  AIR also runs natively in Android, and not on top of Java.  AIR applications are not bound by the restrictions found in a web browser's Flash Player, therefore AIR offers several additional advantages:

  • Enhanced application security models
  • Utilize locally stored data
  • Offline or online use cases which result improved performance and reliability
  • GPS support
  • More flexible distribution and monetization models for standalone applications through catalogs and online marketplaces compared to browser based applications

Here is Adobe's guide for getting started with building AIR apps on the Android platform.


Mike P(Okidoky) replied on Fri, 2010/10/08 - 1:07am

All this might come to a grinding halt *IF* the rumors are true that Microsoft might buy Adobe for 15 billion-ish dollars. All these gadgets are all Unix based, something Microsoft pretends doesn't exist and doesn't want to exist. I'd much rather rely on a Java based something to create toys like this, not Flash stuff.

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