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Android – How to Implement Google Search Inside Your App

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Here is an easy solution to implement Google Searching in your Android App. In this example, we will accept input from the user and will search the same string input in a Google search. To implement this functionality we use Intent.ACTION_WEB_SEARCH .

Now for some code...

package com.technotalkative.googlesearchintent;

import android.content.Intent;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.view.View;
import android.widget.EditText;

public class GoogleSearchIntentActivity extends Activity {

	private EditText editTextInput;

    /** Called when the activity is first created. */
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        editTextInput = (EditText) findViewById(;

    public void onSearchClick(View v)
    	try {
    		 Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_WEB_SEARCH);
             String term = editTextInput.getText().toString();
             intent.putExtra(SearchManager.QUERY, term);
		} catch (Exception e) {
			// TODO: handle exception



<!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?-->
<linearlayout xmlns:android="" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="fill_parent" android:orientation="vertical" android:padding="10dp">

    <edittext android:id="@+id/editTextInput" android:layout_width="match_parent" android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:hint="Enter search text">


    <button android:id="@+id/button1" android:layout_width="wrap_content" android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:text="Search" android:layout_gravity="center" android:onclick="onSearchClick" android:layout_margintop="10dp">



Don’t forget to add INTERNET permission inside the AndroidManifest.xml file.

 <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET">

Android - Google search intent
Android - Google search intent

Download full source code of this example: Android – Implementation of Google Search Intent



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