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Android 4.0 UI = Metro

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I remember a funny quote on twitter yesterday after the Android 4.0 unveiling.  It went something like: 'Android was born as a bad imitation of BlackBerry, it grew into a iPhone look-alike, and now could retire as another Windows Phone.  If you don't understand, you need to take a look at the second image in Sebastian Anthony's article yesterday:

Moving through the presentation, Google showed us that Ice Cream Sandwich has a very simple, clean, tile-based interface. There are no rounded corners, no brushed metal textures, visual contrast is very high, and most of all, content is king.

These are the exact same design guidelines that underpin Microsoft’s Metro style paradigm, the tile- and typography-based interface that governs Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8.

--Sebastian Anthony

I know that despite how others might feel about the platform and its usability, the first thing that many people thought about WP7 when they first saw it was: 'Man, that looks stylish'.  Google, intentionally or not, has given a nod to the Metro UI style's legitimacy.  Google's new "Roboto UI" as it's called, is also imbued with some Google+ DNA to maintain interface recognition. 

The other good news is that Android 4.0 is indeed open source after 3.0 was not.


Robert Marcano replied on Thu, 2011/10/20 - 5:23pm

Sorry to disagree, but I do not see anything that show on that screenshot a blatant copy. What do you see that is the same? boxes with photos, do Microsoft has a trademark design on squared photos? what could Android display?, photos with rounded corners? oh no that is Apple design :P. Even the button style, the real UI there, is different, toolbars with squared buttons and rouded buttons on WP7, Big title on top wasting space on WP7, none in Android, neither the color scheme is the same, black background, white background

Ryan Developer replied on Thu, 2011/10/20 - 6:55pm

> "the first thing that many people thought about WP7 when they first saw it was: 'Man, that looks stylish'." Not me. The first thing I thought about WP7 when I first saw it was: 'Man, that looks ugly.'

Otengi Miloskov replied on Thu, 2011/10/20 - 8:59pm in response to: Robert Marcano

+1 This is just a rant with news, I dont see the similarity.

Otengi Miloskov replied on Thu, 2011/10/20 - 9:01pm in response to:

Agree Ryan, Windows 8 Metro and Windows phone look and feel looks ugly, I remember those UI from the 80's with black and white and sometimes CGI block of basic colors around. Im not sure why people likes Metro UI. IOS or Android UI are much much better. Remember that Microsoft does not put taste on their products(Steve Jobs).

Alex(JAlexoid) ... replied on Fri, 2011/10/21 - 6:43am

Android 4.0 UI = Metro

  Really? You got that from the article?

Naiden Gochev replied on Fri, 2011/10/21 - 3:51pm

there are some similarities - clear design, solid colors, no gradients yeah thats it.


after all what is metro UI some fucking table with boxes which are clickable amazing of course you will see metro everywhere.

If you open ANY website put a amazingly BIG padings put only solid colors and remove all borders and you will automatically get a new Metro style. ALso if you open gmail preview theme and google+ you will see metro as well because they are clean.

The nice view component which google have introduced with google+ is amazing cannot be compared with this microsoft crap which shows the next page or ops part of it  which doesn't have any real purpose why they are there.


Anyway if eclipse can run on android some they I will be happy to switch totally to arm and android .

Robert Craft replied on Thu, 2012/01/26 - 6:56am

Android, the world's most popular mobile platform Android powers millions of phones, tablets, and other devices and brings the power of Google and the web into your hands. With an amazingly fast browser, cloud sync, multi-tasking, easy ways to connect & share and the latest Google apps (and thousands of other apps available on Android Market) your Android powered device is beyond smart.

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