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Announcing @Win8DevNews–Windows 8 Developer News

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A common problem that I have had since Windows 8 was announced at //Build was a high-quality Windows 8 Developer links aggregator. Many sites currently group all of the links together from various technologies and there is nothing wrong with that, it just didn’t provide me with the information that I wanted in a short time frame.

So what did I do? 

Just like most programmers, I decided to “do it myself”. I bought and registered grabbed the twitter name as well and sat on it… I sat on it so long that I started to forget my original plan of creating a high-quality Windows 8 Developer link aggregator. This all changed after I saw what Dan Rigby was doing with his daily Windows 8 Developer Links. I did what any red-blooded American would do – I asked Dan Rigby if he was interested in joining forces and creating a place for the Windows 8 community. He immediately said yes, and @Win8DevNews was alive again. The domain is pointing to Dan’s site and for now, that seems to be working just fine for those that don’t like Twitter. Of course, those that want a daily feed updated every few hours (manually – not a bot) can follow and while you are at it, you might as well follow


I hope that you find this resource helpful as you begin Windows 8 development and feel free to drop a comment below or send us a tweet on anything great we may have missed. Until next time, Happy Win 8 Developing!

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