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iOS Tool For Tracking Your App Store Ranking

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This looks like a nifty tool for your App Store SEO efforts:

App Store Rankings is the keyword based App Ranking Tracker

Are you still manually checking your app’s rankings? Are you searching every day to see how well your app ranks for your keywords? It’s time to upgrade to App Store Rankings and let us track all your keyword performance for you. Get accurate keyword results, historical data, alerts and more.

Keyword Based App Ranking Tracking

The majority of all app downloads happen when users search for apps. That’s why tracking your ranking and performance for all the keywords that matter to your app is very important. App Store Rankings automates this task, turning the pain of searching and tracking your rankings across dozens and hundreds of keywords into an easy task…


Yep, that’s a pretty darn convenient presentation, isn’t it now? Pricing seems reasonable, and there’s a single app free plan for a taster too.

Be sure to check out the App Store Rankings Blog as well, there’s some pretty interesting posts there. Particularly the one from October 28th. Modesty prevents us from explicitly (heh) describing why, but check it out for some fascinating quirks of app search that you weren’t aware of … at least, we very sincerely hope you weren’t aware of!

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