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Async CTP: Fixing the Installation Problem

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I wasn’t aware that the Async CTP worked with Windows Phone 7 until I read this good introduction by Kevin Ashley.  It’s not just the await and async –keywords which got me excited, it’s the thought of using TPL with WP7.

Unfortunately getting the CTP 3 to install wasn’t an easy task. First time everything seemed to go alright, except I couldn’t find the samples or DLLs from anywhere. Turns out this is a common problem and it is caused by the Silverlight 5 and some Visual Studio Hotfixes. 

Here are the steps I had to take in order to get the Async CTP installed:

  1. Removed Silverlight 5 SDK through Programs and Features
  2. Removed the following updates through Programs and Features / Installed Updates:

    1. KB2615527
    2. KB2635973
    3. KB2549864

All of these can be reinstalled after Async CTP has been installed.

After going through the steps described above, Async with WP7 is a go:

private async void ButtonClick(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    Debug.WriteLine(await GetWebpage());
private async Task<string> GetWebpage()
    return await new WebClient().DownloadStringTaskAsync(new Uri(""));


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