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Auto Layout Tutorial: Overview and Changes for Xcode 5

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This article from CapTech provides a tutorial of the Auto Layout feature in Xcode 5. Quite a few changes were made in the latest version of Xcode, and CapTech's tutorial covers them thoroughly, but it is probably detailed enough to bring newcomers up to speed as well. The tutorial includes:

  • A general overview of Auto Layout
  • A tour of the Xcode 5 Interface Builder
  • An overview of new diagnostic information
  • A how-to for laying out complex views

Check out the full article for the complete tutorial and get your Auto Layout skills up to date. According to CapTech, it is a critical feature to understand, especially with the release of Xcode 5 and iOS 7.

There has been some negative talk about the new Auto Layout features elsewhere, though. Watch out for this layout constraints bug, for example: