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DZone on Windows Phone… The App!

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The other day, I was talking to my friend Shayne Boyer (Windows Phone developer and motorcycle rider to boot).  See his blog here

Through our conversation of life, love, and loot came the topic of apps and the upcoming Windows Phone 8.  Some of you may know that Shayne recently wrote an app named Find Amber, and I was asking him how the approval process was going and soon we landed on the idea of a DZone app.  One thing lead to another and now the development is nearly complete!

Some awesome features of the app are:

- Ability to pin a Zone and or Authors to your home screen as a feature.
    -Think LIVE TILES
- Share articles via social and email
- MVB Author Bio Pages
- Refcardz (maybe in version 2)

Tools that made the app awesome:

- Telerik Controls:
- MVVM Light
- PhoneFlipControl

We wanted to add social features to the app so you, our awesome DZone community, could follow the zones and MVBs that you want.  With the awesome live tiles that exist in Windows Phone, the tile from your DZone app will update when an MVB or zone you follow posts an article.  Without further adieu, let's get to the screenshots!

Thumbnails for the app

Welcome screen

 "Recent feed" view

Pick the zone

Author (MVB) view

Zone/article view (Notice how easy it is to read the article)

Let us know what you think of these screenshots so far!  As I said, the coding is nearly done but not complete so changes can be made if you have some good ideas.

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Allen Coin replied on Thu, 2012/09/20 - 11:49am

Looks awesome!

Ayobami Adewole replied on Sat, 2012/09/22 - 2:34am

That is really cool, any plan for a dzone android app soon

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