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An Error You May Run Into When Using Blend For Windows Phone

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I ran in to this recently and couldn’t find anything online about it.

Using MVVM-Light for Windows Phone development and Blend. It works fine in Visual Studio, but every time I open one of my pages in Blend I get this error. 

 Class is already registered. mvvm-light in Blend

Already registered? I’m using MVVM-Light’s integration with a Simple IoC container to manage my dependencies and so it really leaves me wondering what’s going on here. I know that I only registered this class once.. so what gives?

Fortunately for me, Laurent (the creator of MVVM-Light, fellow MVP, and all around Blend Ninja) is active on Twitter and saw my tweet.





hmm.. let’s try that…



and ta-day!


Design time data working in Blend using MVVM-light!.

Special thanks to Laurent for knowing exactly what I needed to do. Thanks my friend!


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