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Holo for Popular Apps by Community

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Holo is the new look of Android. Smaller devs have already understood what is going on and jumped on board. Unfortunately, high profile apps still keep their old design and, truth be told, I'm not expecting to see that changing any time soon. We have even seen some high profile iOS apps launching on Android fully ignoring both interaction guidelines and visual style guidelines.

While the apps might not get their new look any time soon it does not prevent designers with Android skills showing us what the apps could look like. Here are some of them.

Guenther Beyer and Instagram

Guenther Beyer posted quick mockups of Instagram app shortly after the launch showing how the interface could have been done better. His post started a very lively discussion about the topic and is worth reading. You can find it here.

Lewis Llewellyn and Facebook

Lewis Llewellyn has sketched how Facebook app could look on ICS. His work with the app is a full study and design for each screen.   Check out his full gallery at deviantART including all the ten screenshots.

Chris Arvin and Netflix, Twitter and Pandora

Chris Arvin over at actionbar blog has drawn some mockups how Netflix, Twitter and Pandora could be made look like they belong to ICS and Android. Check out his full post here.
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