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Instapaper - An iOS To Android Port Can Be Good

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This morning I saw the news that Instapaper is finally arriving to Android. My initial thought was "Oh no, here we go again" and nearly opened the +Android UI Anti-Patterns G+ page straightaway. After all the Instapaper founder is the infamous Marco Arment (http://www.marco.org/) who has never saved his words when bashing Android & Android ecosystem. But man was I in for a surprise, a positive one!

Android app for Android, iOS app for iOS

The Instapaper app for Android was built by company called Mobelux, a developer company that doesn't seem to have that much experience on Android. They did what others didn't and got to know the platform instead of relying on their iOS skills. And that shows.

The follows Android guidelines, uses Android intents to integrate to the rest of the platform and ships with a tablet UI. 
There are some features I'm not that fond of like the action mode on items which is triggered by swiping. I'd much rather see a long press and action bar action mode but I guess that is a fairly small thing.
I encourage you to read more about the Instapaper on Android from:

And of course download the app from Google Play ($2.99)

Phone UI

Tablet UI

Welcome to Android Instapaper!
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