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The iOS Passbook Linksheet

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So you got a client that’s demanding to support Passbook in the next release, somehow, someway? Yep, us too, so let’s take a look at what resources are available out there, shall we?

As you’d expect, over at Caer Wenderlich there’s some nice introductory tutorials,

Beginning Passbook in iOS 6: Part 1/2 and Part 2/2

which are much abbreviated excerpts of a couple chapters of iOS 6 By Tutorials — which if you haven’t bought yet you should immediately, covering as it does pretty much everything significant new in iOS 6.

But back to Passbook in particular, here’s another good introduction set with sample code (h/t ManiacDev):

iOS 6 Tutorial: Integrating Passbook into Your Applications

iOS 6 Tutorial: Supporting Passbook within Your Enterprise Systems

Another nice one that goes into great detail on how to handle the provisioning portal is found at, of all places, the Xamarin online docs:

Introduction to PassKit

If you don’t feel like creating passes yourself, there’s a wide variety of services springing up to help you out with that:

PassSource – “Your source for free iOS 6 Passbook passes”

PassTools – “The easiest way to build and manage passes for Apple® Passbook®.”

PassKit – “Create, Distribute and Manage Apple® Passbook® Content Across All Major Mobile Platforms”

Passdock – “So cool to create Passbook passes with Passdock!”

PassPages – Hmmm, no allegedly catchy tagline here.

Or there’s some helper implementations showing up on github:

mattt / passbook_rails_example – “This project is an example implementation of this web service specification in Rails, and will serve the basis for a more comprehensive Rails generator in the near future.”

renstrom / passbook_flask_example – “An Example Implementation of a Passbook Webservice on Flask, based on matt’s passbook_rails_example”

tschoffelen / PHP-Pass – “A PHP class for creating a Pass for Passbook in iOS 6.”

SimonWaldherr / passkit.php – “a php function to create passes for Apple Passbook”

skyzyx / passbook – “PHP component and CLI app for creating Apple PassBook files for iOS 6.”

bitzeche / jpasskit – “jPasskit is an Java™ implementation of the Apple™ PassKit Web Service.”

Any other resources you’ve found particularly helpful setting up Passbook integration with your projects, Dear Readers?


PassSlot “is a free service for developers that aims to make Passbook integration easy – Really easy.”

Getting your business on Apple’s Passbook, DIY style

iOS Passbook Tutorial

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