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Plugreg: The Plugin Registry for Cordova and PhoneGap

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Plugreg, a website recently launched by Lee Crossley, calls itself the "Plugin Registry for Cordova and Phonegap" and has collected, over the last month or so, more than 150 plugins from 100 different authors. The site is straight-forward and easy to use, and while it's still at an early stage, there are already a lot of useful plugins to be found. For example, here are a few of the most recent additions:

  • SocialSharing is a plugin that allows you to share text, images, URLs, or all three using your device's native sharing widget.
  • FileOpener is a plugin that allows you to open files of popular types (PDF, JPG, or GIF, for example) using PhoneGap for Android.
  • SSL Certificate Checker is a plugin that allows you to check the SSL Certificate of the server to which you are connecting.

Some of the entries are a bit sparse at this point, but the site is still growing, and according to Crossley, there are more new features coming soon. If you're looking for a PhoneGap/Cordova plugin, or if you have one to contribute, definitely check out Plugreg and let us know what you think.