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Weekly Poll: JSON vs XML

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 To start off this year's weekly polls, we want to know, given your typical use case, whether you prefer to use JSON or XML, if those were the only two choices. To be able to better understand you answer, we'd appreciate you sharing which use case you imagined, and why you'd make the choice you selected. The first question (JSON vs XML) will have instant results, as always.

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Silvio Bierman replied on Fri, 2013/01/04 - 12:16pm

I think the weekly polls are a very nice idea and I would like to participate and see the results every week. However, I think the use of too open ended questions that require too broad answers are response killers since for most people it is hard to briefly write down what, how and why answers. They also add too little quatifyable information that you can feed back to the respondents.

In the future you should convert stuff like questions 2 and 3 into closed option questions, possibly containing an "other, specify" option.

Just an opinion from someone who has been developing and supporting software for the market research industry for over a decade.

Bill Armstrong replied on Fri, 2013/01/04 - 3:27pm in response to: Silvio Bierman

 Thanks for such a well thought-out suggestion! I've been trying to do that, but sometimes, the variation in explanation seems hard to close into several answer choices. I often attempt to do such, but worry that I will bias the response based on the fact that I've listed a good explanation, but not the respondent's "best" explanation. Despite this, especially to increase the quantifiable data to pass back to the audience, I agree that I should return to using that format for these weekly polls more often.

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