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Why Is Windows Phone The Best Camera Phone

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I recently went on vacation and over the week was switching back and forth between taking pictures with my Lumia 920 and my wife’s iPhone 5.  It really got me thinking how much better the Windows Phone is as a camera.  The images in this post were taken using my Lumia 920.


The main issue that got my attention was the faster shutter or at least the perception of a faster shutter.  I think the fact that Windows Phone has a dedicated camera that I can prefocus in order to capture action images while the iPhone focuses after you tap the shutter button on the screen is one of the key differences for me.  This feature difference caused me to miss shot after shot with the iPhone 5.

Another advantage of the Windows Phone is the multitude of filters.  They include just about anything a developer can imagine, such as panoramas, selectable sequence images, gif creation and more.  You have infinite flexibility and creativity without leaving the camera app.

The last major feature that I want to point out is the visibility of the screen.  I found it nearly impossible to see the image on the iPhone 5 under bright sunlight compared to my Lumia 920.  Since the screen is your viewfinder, this is critical.  If you can’t tell what you have on the screen, you are rolling the dice with your shots.

Ultimately everyone is going to have their opinions.  As a photography enthusiast there is no way that I would own an iPhone.  As always, your mileage may vary.

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