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Windows Phone A-Z Resources

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In my endeavor to learn the best aspects of Windows Phone 7 development I have been looking out for resources ever since I started developing one. In this post I would like to point you all to an excellent post  one of my favorite technical blogger Scot Hanselman. Scot is a principal program manager at Microsoft and works for the Web Department. He recently wrote a blog post titled – From Concept to Code in 6 hours: Shipping my first Windows Phone App. An excellent article in which he outlines his experience of developing an windows phone 7 mango app. This article has a load of goodies laid out all over the article. I will try to collate them as a bullet point and just keep it short. Head over to Scot’s blog post to read it completely. So if you just needed a bullet list for all the resources read on. :)


Resource Links:



Pheww…that was a long list Scot mentioned in 1 post. But a very informative list especially for the Windows Phone 7 developers. I needed to keep looking at all the resources Scot mentioned. So I thought of creating my own TOC of that. This blog post is intended to do just that.

Hope this is useful for some of you. If it does let me know. Till next time as usual, Happy Coding. Code with Passion, Decode with Patience.

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