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BREAKING: Windows Phone 8 to Kick It Old School With NT Kernel

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Rumor has become reality ladies and gentlemen. It looks like Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Phone 8 will use the NT kernel. Thanks to an earlier video leak about WP8 on Nokia, the folks at Redmond have spilled the beans on their upcoming 'Apollo' Release of their mobile OS.

The best news is that all current Windows Phone 7.5 apps will translate over seamlessly. Thomas Holwerda says: 

Thanks to Windows Phone 7's clean and kernel-independent architecture, all current Windows Phone 7.5 applications will continue to run - without a single code change. --Thom Halwarda 

Some other key features that Paul Thurrott from Microsoft has confirmed about Windows Phone 8 include:

  • Data Smart. A way to actively save cellular data when possible.
  • App-to-App communication. Windows Phone 8 apps, like Windows 8 apps, are sandboxed from each other, this new system will provide a Windows 8 contracts-like app-to-app communications capabilities.
  • IE 10 Mobile. Windows Phone 8 will continue to use a highly tuned version of IE which utilizes the latest web technologies.
  • Shared components with Windows 8. The kernel, multi-core processor support, sensor fusion, security model, network, and video and graphics technologies are all coming to Phone from Windows 8.
  • Companion experiences with Windows 8. Microsoft is offering a very similar user experience across phone (Windows Phone 8), PC (Windows 8), and TV (Xbox ).
  • SkyDrive integration. All your content will be available on all of its platforms via SkyDrive.
  • Skype app. Still a separate but better app and not integrated into OS. Still optional.
  • NFC. Windows Phone 8 will allow users to securely pay and share via NFC.
  • Local Scout. Will now have personal recommendations
  • Camera improvements.  A far more powerful camera experience.
  • Business features. WP8 will include hardware-accelerated encryption with BitLocker and always-on Secure Boot capabilities, just like Windows 8. Also will support additional Exchange ActiveSync policies and System Center configuration settings and inventory capabilities. Businesses may distribute phone apps privately as they can with Windows 8 apps.




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