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Windows Phone 8 Reveal Cheat Sheet

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Out by Christmas (America fall really)

Same core as Windows 8 (i.e. desktop & phone are one platform!)
+ Hardware-wise, should mean a wider ranges of form factors, price points, and capabilities.
+ That means a bunch of stuff: kernel, networking, multimedia, driver support — that stuff will be shared with the two platforms.
+ IPv6
+ Improved Bluetooth
+ Hardware accelerated Direct3d
+ Manufacturers will be able to re-use the same hardware drivers they build for Windows 8 on Windows Phone 8.
+ "Dual-core & more...." CPU support

New resolutions

+ 800x480 (what we have today)
+ 1280x768
+ 1280x720
+ All 7.5 apps will run without changes on all resolutions!
+ Can optimise if you want to - OPTIONAL

Removable MicroSD support

+ Phones, music, videos & apps can all be put on the microSD

IE 10 built in
+ Same HTM rendering as desktop version

Native game development

+ DirectX is mentioned
+ I am reading that to be C++ support
+ Same drivers as Windows 8 so games can be ported quickly & easily

NFC support

+ Be able to share between devices
+ Will have a "mobile wallet"
+ Credit & debit cards
+ Loyalty & membership cards
+ Mobile wallet can work without NFC for some scenarios
+ All marketplace purchases now in the wallet
+ In App Purchases Supported :)
+ can do operator billing
+ Needs carrier "secure sim"
+ Tap & share (contact, files etc...) between devices built in!

Nokia mapping technology included in in Windows Phone 8

+ It will use NAVTEQ data, offline map support, map control for developers, and Turn-by-Turn directions.
+ Includes My Commute - remembers your daily route and shows alternatives that can improve performance


+ Encryption & Secure Boot
+ LOB app dev
+ Businesses can run custom secure app stores
+ Device management
+ Same tools we use today for Windows can be used to manage the phone!
+ Familiar office apps
+ I read that as normal office

New Menu UI

+ No more right hand side (apps list)
+ Just the main screen
+ Icons can be "normal", double-wide & small (one quater size)
+ Any tile can be any size
+ double wide for custom apps finally :)

Windows Phone Upgrade Story

+ 7.5 will get a bump to 7.8
+ 7.8 will include new start screen
+ Updates sent via Windows Update - BYPASSING OPERATORS!!
+ All devices to get 18 months of updates
+ Can register to get updates early too!
+ Source:
+ No 7.5 device to 8 though :(

Dev Features

+ Built in SQLite DB!
+ Speech platform will be open to all!
+ Can integrate any app into voice search
+ Can respond with voice prompts (can you say siri?)
+ Can develop in C#, VB, C++ or HTML 5!
+ Can mix & match

Built in VoIP technology

+ Skype fully integrated, looks & feels like a normal call
+ VOIP apps, not just Skype, can run in the background

Apps that use location can run in the background
+ Think map (direction apps!)


+ Self timer
+ Action shot for burst mode
+ Panorama
+ Group shot (take multiple photos and swop the faces - get rid of those closed eyes)

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