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World of Warcraft Realm Status available in the Windows Phone Store

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In my previous posts I walked you through my free WOW API Starter Kit for Windows and Windows Phone.  To show how easy it is to submit an app with one of these kits I just published a WoW Realm Status app to the Windows Phone Store.  The only change I made from the code in the Starter Kit is the wording the About page much like you would do in your own app.

The API’s I chose to use in the app will show the current online status for the US World of Warcraft Realms.  You should use the World of Warcraft Windows Phone API Kit as an example of how to incorporate additional World of Warcraft APIs into your own apps and there are a ton of them!  Everything from item stats, pvp status, to complete armory and character information.

Many thanks to Blizzard Entertainment® for the excellent API’s they’ve created around the game!


You can grab the Windows Phone version of the app here.  You can download the World of Warcraft API Starter Kit for Windows Phone here and for Windows here.

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