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Daily Dose: CDISource Promotes CDI Use

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Java Enterprise Edition 6 fans rejoice! CDISource is here. CDISource is a new organization created to promote the use of CDI (JSR 299).  Rick Hightower, co-creator of CDISource, explains the inspiration for CDISource:

CDI is the Java standard for dependency injection (DI) and interception (AOP). It is evident from the popularity of DI and AOP that Java needs to address DI and AOP so that it can build other standards and JSRs on top of it. DI and AOP are the foundation of many Java frameworks, and CDI will be the foundation of many future specifications and JSRs.

To smooth the CDI adoption process, the creators of CDISource will include an open source library, Maven archetypes, and tutorials on the CDISource site.  You can also check out Rick Hightower's CDI DI overview just posted on DZone!

Another Standards Body for the Cloud

Several major network owners---Deutsche Telekom, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Verizon and Yahoo---have banded together to create the Open Networking Foundation, a cloud standards body.  Until now, no clear standards have been assigned to cloud computing. The new approach to networking is called Software-Defined Networking (SDN). It's anticipated that following the SDN standards will allow users to increase the control over their networks and experience easier optimization.  A product of six years of Ivy League research, the new SDN is based on the Open Flow software interface.

Yahoo Shovels More Code into Open Source

Yahoo plans to be more active in open source efforts by contributing several of its proprietary programs to the open source community.  Potential contributions include storage technology and systems used to handle a high user volume.  This isn't the first time Yahoo has contributed code for public consumption. In 2009, Yahoo allowed the Apache Software Foundation to publish code for Traffic Server's scalable caching proxy.  Now they're starting the process of adding all of their Hadoop code tweaks to the Apache project.

C++ Gets Upgrades!

After eight years, C++ is getting an update.  You heard that right.  The ISO steering committee tasked with determining the future of the popular programming language has officially signed off on the specs for the next version. A final draft of the new specifications will be available later this year.  This new version of C++ will be called C++ 2011.

James Gosling is Now a Googler

A new Googler is in town!  And he's the creator of Java.
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Rick Hightower replied on Tue, 2011/03/29 - 1:41pm

Andy Gibson, CDISourcer, did a nice write up Announcing CDISource. Rob Williams is also on the team. We are looking for more folks to join and help. Andy talks about some of the stuff that we have already done in his post. We have been at it for several weeks now--midnight coding.

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