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Mark Needham01/20/12
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Learning Android: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space with android-maven-plugin

I’ve been trying to adapt my Android application to fit into the structure of the RobolectricSample so that I can add some tests around my code but I was running into a problem when trying to deploy the application. To deploy the application you need to run...

Glen Gordon01/19/12
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PhoneGap on WP7 Tip #5: Live Tiles and Deep Thinking

Here's a link to part 1 of this series. Windows Phone has a unique and very handy way of providing multiple entry points into your application. This is done through the use of one or more Live Tiles. The start screen on Windows Phone is comprised of tiles...

Eric Genesky01/19/12
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PhoneGap on Windows Phone Adds Support For Facebook, Twitter, Bing Maps, and More

Developers looking to tackle Windows Phone 7.5 with PhoneGap, an open source mobile framework that uses HTML5, CSS and Javascript, can now include some useful plugins in their development. The PhoneGap beta announcement was made by Microsoft and Nitobi in...

John Esposito01/19/12
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Parallaxed 3D in CSS3

We know that HTML5 Canvas with smart JavaScript can do lots that Flash with ActionScript can do. This is exciting, because it replaces a proprietary technology with JavaScript: it represents another step in the direction of browser-as-platform.But this means...

James Sugrue01/19/12
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Appcelerator Expand Into Europe: Does This Prove the Freemium Model Works?

Since I started out on mobile app development, I've been a big fan of Appcelerator. Just today they've announced an expansion into Europe, as well as adding to their management team. Appcelerator have shown themselves to be one of the shining examples of how...

David Kelley01/19/12
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HTMLApplicationHost Framework: An Open Source Cross-Mobile Dev Tool

One of my projects has been building an HTML Application framework for Windows Phone 7. Basically so I can build HTML5 based applications using HTML, JavaScript and CSS for mobile devices in particular Windows Phone but then being able to use that...

Mark Needham01/19/12
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Learning Android: Freezing the UI with a BroadcastReceiver

As I mentioned in a previous post I recently wrote some code in my Android app to inform a BroadcastReceiver whenever a service processed a tweet with a link in it but in implementing this I managed to freeze the UI every time that happened.

Juhani Lehtimaki01/19/12
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Android Back Button, Take Two

It thought I'd write a follow up to my previous post about Android back button to clarify my stand on it and explain my point of view a little better. Also, I want to thank anyone who contributed thoughts to the discussion in the previous post. I find it...

Jevgeni Tšaikin01/18/12
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Windows Phone 7: Touch and Sensors

A few months have passed since my previous presentation for Eneta community and the time has come to talk about something new. This time I have chosen two topics: Touch and Sensors. I think, both topics are very important for Windows Phone 7 developers,...

Nigel Parker01/18/12
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Make Your HTML5 Video Play on Mobile Devices

When I’m asked by web developers how they can get started with HTML5 Video, I ask them, “Why? What are you trying to solve?”Almost every time, I hear, “I just want my video to work on mobile devices.”Easy.I’ll show you how to get started.

Chris Smith01/18/12
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20 Hours Window Phone 7 Training FREE

Mister Goodcat (aka Peter Kuhn) is a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer with multiple certifications including Windows Phone 7 Development.  Kuhn had previously released individual parts of his Windows Phone 7 Training series, but has now...

John Esposito01/18/12
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DZone Top Article of 2011: Ask DZ - What's the best programming advice you've ever got?

For example, Travis Griggs' blog post explains some of the best OOP advice he ever received.What is the best piece of advice anyone ever gave you, and why it was so good? Maybe include some particular projects the advice helped you with, or how the advice...

Oriel Velasco01/18/12
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Offshore Development - Getting The Right Backing Up With

It is difficult for all companies to have the right backing up all the time, usually it is important for a company to concentrate on their core services so that others can take care of the other services. This is why Offshore Development has become so popular...

Jerry Nixon01/18/12
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Windows Phone Mango Sample: Async Work

Asynchronous operations are important if you don't want your users to rip their hair out while using your app.  That's why we've got, not one, but two ways for you to make your Windows Phone app operations asynchronous - the  Event Pattern (with safe...

Juhani Lehtimaki01/18/12
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Back Button - Android's Achilles' Heel?

All Android phones must have a back button for the