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Tim Dams04/21/12
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Writing a Windows Phone Website Scraper Application

In this tutorial, Tim Dams will explain how you write a Windows Phone 7 application using the HtmlAgility Pack in order to use information scraped from a website.

Chris Smith04/21/12
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Using the Windows Phone 7 Turnstyle Control

In this tutorial, Silverlight and WPF developer Victor Gaudioso explains how to use the turnstyle control for Windows Phone 7.

Maarten Struys04/20/12
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EvenTiles from Start to Finish: 256-MB Windows Phone Devices - Part 18

In part 18 of the continuing story of EvenTiles from Start to Finish, Maarten Struys will take a look at targeting additional Windows Phone devices that will shortly hit the market in several countries.

Samidip Basu04/18/12
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7 Deadly Sins for Windows Phone Developers: Lust

In the final post of his series, "7 Deadly Sins for Windows Phone Developers", Sam Basu takes on "Lust", not in the sexual sense, but rather from the perspective of preventing developers from becoming over-zealous.

James Sugrue04/18/12
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Oracle v Google Trial Day 2: Ellison Testifies

The Oracle vs Google case has finally hit the courtroom, and on the second day, Larry Ellison is Oracle's first witness. Ellison's main argument - APIs are difficult to make, and as such, they should be intellectual property.

Rob Williams04/18/12
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Xcode Love Fest

Sorry, I just love Xcode. The speed of development is ludicrous. From a Lean perspective, Xcode and Eclipse are not of the same genus, phylum or order

Juhani Lehtimaki04/18/12
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Holo for Popular Apps by Community

Holo is the new look of Android. Smaller devs have already understood what is going on and jumped on board. Unfortunately, high profile apps still keep their old design and, truth be told, I'm not expecting to see that changing any time soon.

Greg Duncan04/17/12
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A WP7 app for Win8 Australia Dev Camps (with source... Don't leave your next conference, training, camp, thing, without one...)

In this post, Greg Duncan provides a great link for creating a Windows Phone 7 App for your upcoming conference or event. It's fast and simple, and provides a nice professional touch to your event.

Maarten Struys04/17/12
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EvenTiles from Start to Finish: Trial Mode - Part 17

Maarten Struys is back with Part 17 of his EvenTiles from Start to Finish series, and in this post, Maarten takes a look at Trial Mode for Windows Phone applications and explains how you can use an API to determine if a user is running your application in trial mode or not.

James Sugrue04/17/12
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Cloud Services Just Got Easier With Titanium 2.0

One the key things about Appcelerator Titanium, is that you could put together an app as a weekend project. Sure, it might have some issues to be tidied up, but you get from zero to app in a few days. Cloud services has become a topic of great importance for mobile apps, and now Appcelerator aim to make integrating those services possible with minimal configuration.

Juhani Lehtimaki04/17/12
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Holo - The New Look of Android

Holo, introduced with Honeycomb, and improved in Ice Cream Sandwich, has made a huge difference in Android application visual quality

Renat Zubairov04/16/12
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From SOA to WOA

WOA does not mean a web in terms of the web-site or a Web Service (let alone the term 'Web Service' is too overloaded). According to Renat Zubairov, WOA is a application architecture for next generation of applications. Applications that are running in new runtime environment (Desktop or Mobile browser).

Eric Genesky04/16/12
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Announcement: Windows Azure Media Services

According to the Azure Media Services site, this service will offer all the usual cloudy services - 'flexibility,' 'scalability,' etc. - to handle TV, movies, video games, etc.

Andrew Conlisk04/16/12
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Multitouch in Windows Phone 7

Andrew Conlisk recently published a Windows Phone app that used mutlitouch, and in this post, he explains how he was able to set it up on a canvas which he setup in the xaml.

Mitch Pronschinske04/16/12
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Integrate Your Enterprise Apps 'Like a Boss'

Oh what's this… an Enterprise Integration Zone?! Now we have a focused place for information on integrating applications and services! Check out what's in store.