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Joost Van Schaik04/01/12
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How to Show a MessageBox from a ViewModel

Since I am a very lazy programmer and I don't always want to register or define services and whatnot for showing a simple message, I created this extremely simple behavior for showing a MessageBox from a ViewModel. The code is written for Windows Phone 7, but should also work in Silverlight.

Karthikeyan Anb...03/31/12
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Creating Screenshots for Windows Phone Marketplace

Submitting your Windows Phone application to Marketplace can be a tricky process, as Microsoft has some strict guidelines for submissions. In this post, Karthikeyan Anbarasan explains one important step: getting an approved Screenshot.

Senthil Kumar03/31/12
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Make Your Windows Phone Vibrate with PhoneGap

The Windows Phone SDK in Silverlight provides the class VibrateController which the developer can use to make the phone vibrate. All that the developer has to do is create an instance of the VibrateController and call the start method with the timespan, which Senthil Kumar explains here.

Andrew Conlisk03/30/12
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Using Solution Explorer in Visual Studio for Windows Phone App Creation

In his previous post, Andrew Conlisk walked you through how to start a new Windows Phone app project in Visual Studio. In this post, Andrew shows you how to utilize the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio.

Samidip Basu03/30/12
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Handling Authenticated Zip Files in Windows Phone

While working on a Windows Phone application recently, Sam Basu ran into two little issues: 1)the content was sitting behind a Basic Auth protection with Windows credentials; and 2) the downloadable piece was a Zipped file with hierarchical content that needed to be unwrapped. In this post, Sam explains how he was able to overcome these roadblocks.

James Sugrue03/29/12
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Is Google's Offer to Oracle Really Too Low?

This trial just rumbles on and on, but it looks like Oracle's argument is running out of steam. In the latest filing, Oracle have responded to Google's attempts at speeding up the conclusion, saying the offer is too low.

Paresh Mayani03/29/12
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Android – How to Implement Google Search Inside Your App

In this example, we will take an Android app and make it accept input from the user and will search the same string input in a Google search. To implement this functionality we use Intent.ACTION_WEB_SEARCH .

René Pickhardt03/29/12
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Using Neo4j To Make Predictions for Fast Sentence Completion (German Only)

These devs processed over 80 GB of Google ngrams data in Neo4j in order to improve sentence completion software - they're currently developing an Android app.

Joost Van Schaik03/29/12
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Instant Language Update in a Windows Phone 7 Application Using MVVM

With more and more Marketplaces being added to the Windows Phone ecosystem, globalization of your app becomes all the more more important. In this post, Joost van Schaik provides a detailed tutorial for allowing users to override an automatically selected language without having to restart the app.

Toni Petrina03/29/12
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Consuming OData for TFS Using C# from Windows Phone 7 Application

Toni Petrina has compiled this tutorial that expands on an earlier post on how to consume the OData service from a console application. Here, Toni switches gears and explains how to complete the same process for a Windows Phone application using Visual Studio 2010 Express.

Prasant Lokinendi03/28/12
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China Opening Its Gates to Windows Phone

China Telecom and Nokia have partnered up to bring the first ever Windows Phone to China. The phone, a CDMA variant of Nokia's popular Lumia 800, is set to hit stores in April and be availible in sleek black and poppin' cyan.

Mitch Pronschinske03/28/12
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NEW Refcardz Topics (Round 2): Awesome or Lame?

See a new menu of potential upcoming DZone Refcardz with some brief descriptions. Then simply vote on whether you think the topic idea is AWESOME, or lame.

Axel Rauschmayer03/28/12
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Arguments in Favor of the “iPad mini”

A smaller version of the iPad has been rumored for quite some time. Recently, rumors have become more concrete and in this post, Axel Rauschmeyer breaks down some of the rumored specs and pricing for the fabled iPad mini.

Pieter De Rycke03/28/12
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A Windows Phone Developer's Take on PhoneGap

Pieter De Rycke has been developing Windows Phone applications for some time now, and recently decided to give PhoneGap a try because of its ability to create apps that can run on multiple platforms. In this post, Pieter discusses some of the issues he ran into, and breaks down some of the pros and cons of PhoneGap.

Samidip Basu03/28/12
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7 Deadly Sins for Windows Phone Developers: Pride

Sam Basu has put together a fantastic series on the "7 Deadly Sins of Windows Phone Developers" in which he relates each of the 7 Deadly Sins to some no-no's for Windows Phone developers. In this post, Sam introduces his series and covers the first sin: Pride.