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Matt Lacey03/14/12
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NanoIoC: Easy Dependency Injection on Windows Phone

Finding no solid solution to Dependency Injection / IOC for Windows Phone, Matt Lacey decided to write something himself. While Matt admits it's more of a DI framework than an IOC one, he also points out that the terms are used fairly interchangeably in the real world...

Karthikeyan Anb...03/14/12
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Windows Phone 7 Development - Working with Contacts

Karthikeyan Anbarasan has put together is insightful article explaining how to work with inbuilt contacts data and use it across a requirement to manipulate the data...

Jerry Nixon03/14/12
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Broken: Windows 8 and the Windows Phone SDK

Jerry Nixon discusses the issues surrounding use of the consumer preview of Windows 8, particularly with regards to doing Windows Phone development...

Senthil Kumar03/13/12
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Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone – Introduction and Installation

Senthil Kumar introduces Telerik's RadControls for Windows Phone 7, which enables Windows Phone developers to easily create beautiful and powerful apps. Includes a list of many of the most important 35 controls.

Chris Smith03/13/12
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How to Colorize Images Using Expression Blend

Timmy Kokke created this quick tutorial video for changing the color of images for Windows Phone 7 applications using Expression Blend 4 by replacing png images with a rectangle with an opacity mask.

Chris Smith03/13/12
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Folders for Full Unlocked and Rooted WP7 Devices

WindowsPhoneHacker put together this video previewing his Root Folder Application, a branch of the Folders Application for Full Unlocked or Rooted Windows Phones.

Chris Smith03/13/12
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WP7 Devices Will Not Upgrade to Windows Phone 8?

Rumors continue to swirl about the inevitable Windows Phone 8 release, and potential upgrades for Windows Phone 7 users. Chris Smith takes a look at some recent comments from Microsoft VP Terry Myerson...

Jörg Winterstein03/12/12
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Indie Game Developer Income Report - February 2012

Jörg Winterstein began his "indie-career" as a mobile game developer last year, and he's been providing some indie-developer income numbers in the hopes of inspiring his fellow developers. In this post, Jörg recaps his month of February as an indie-developer...

Alex Curylo03/12/12
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cocos2d vs. iPad 3

Alex Curylo explains that if you have a cocos2d iPad game out there, you might want to check it out with the iPad 3 simulator...NOW!

Michael Crump03/12/12
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Community MegaPhone Podcast Ep 33 with Michael Crump

Michael Crump was recently interviewed by Dane Morgridge and G. Andrew Duthie for their podcast titled “Community MegaPhone”. They talked for about an hour and a half on all things Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8.

Chris Smith03/12/12
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Tutorial: Developing a Windows Phone 7 Application in 25 Minutes

In this live tutorial-style demo, Reza Alizadeh, Architect Evangelist for Microsoft will walk you through building a Windows Phone 7 Plancast application that will leverage the Plancast public API.

Chris Smith03/12/12
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Developing Applications Using Microsoft's Metro for Windows Phone

Bryan Agnetta, Senior User Experience PM Lead at Microsoft, offers insight into developing applications using the Metro design language. Agnetta gives an overview of creating applications with Metro and discusses Microsoft's efforts to integrate its various brands into this one innovative platform.

Chris Smith03/11/12
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The Windows Phone Experience in Review

Bryan Agnetta, Senior User Experience (UX) PM Lead at Microsoft, gives a step-by-step review of the Windows Phone experience. Agnetta answers developers' questions regarding developing for the Metro UI and Windows Phone devices.

Maximiliano Firtman03/10/12
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What iOS 5.1 and the New iPad Mean for Web Developers

Max Firtman talks about the new iPad, with iOS 5.1. He's done the usual research and realized there aren't many new details...However, the new iPad retina display reminds Max of some web stuff we should be aware of while creating iPad web experiences.

Jevgeni Tšaikin03/10/12
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Another Way of Passing Values Between Windows Phone 7 Pages

Jevgeni Tšaikin presents another appropriate way for passing data from one page to another during the navigation by setting up destination page properties (or variables) within OnNavigatedFrom...