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Den D.01/06/12
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Windows Phone Native Series - ExitApplication, PlaySystemSound, GetSystemInformation

As a continuation of the Windows Phone Native series, I decided to add some very basic methods to the native wrapper I am working with. It acts as an extension to the stock SDK and is able to invoke capabilities that are not (yet) exposed through managed...

Munish Gupta01/05/12
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Enterprise Mobile Web Strategy

With the proliferation of devices in various screen sizes and running different OS, having a coherent mobile web strategy has become somewhat of a nightmare for the enterprise. Gone are the days, when the enterprise would just optimize the existing web site...

Jerry Nixon01/05/12
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Windows Phone Mango Resources Part 2: Colors

This is part 2 in the Resource series. Part 1: ThemesPart 2: ColorsPart 3: SizesPart 4: Styles

Mitch Pronschinske01/05/12
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DZone's Top 10 Mobile Articles of 2011

This week, DZone has gathered together its top articles in every major topical area.  These Mobile articles were chosen by popularity and quality of content.Top 10 Mobile Articles of 201122 Tutorials for HTML5 Mobile Web DevelopmentDeveloping Android Apps...

Matt Hidinger01/04/12
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Real World Windows Phone Dev Part 5: Creating and Consuming Web Services

This series is going to walk through building a polished, functioning Windows Phone app from start to finish. The app is called Realworld Stocks and the full source code will be available on CodePlex as the series progresses. I’ll be using Mercurial to...

Jerry Nixon01/04/12
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Windows Phone Mango Resources Part 1: Themes

This is part 1 in the Resource series. Part 1: ThemesPart 2: ColorsPart 3: SizesPart 4: Styles

Andrea Haubner01/04/12
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Working with Silverlight Events

An event is simply a method that’s executed when some action takes place. This action is typically by a user when the user clicks a button using their finger, but could also be triggered by something that happens internally in the application.

Simon Jackson01/03/12
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Unexpected Debugging with WP7

A strange thing happened the other day while I was working on one of my projects (actually it’s happened several times in the past but this was one of the few which really vexed me), My app wasn’t behaving.  Now this post mainly talks about...

Mikael Koskinen01/03/12
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Windows Phone Mango Panorama: Working around the Minimized AppBar Bug

Background Before the Mango update, Windows Phone developers were advised against using the application bar with a Panorama control. This was somewhat changed with the Mango which includes  a new minimized mode for the application bar. This mode can be...

Jevgeni Tšaikin01/03/12
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Passing values to Windows Phone 7 pages: URI paremeters and QueryString

From my point of view specifying parameters and their values in URI (QueryString) is probably the easiest way to pass data from one page to another during the Navigation. In this post I am going to cover this approach for passing values to pages and in...

Den D.01/03/12
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Windows Phone Native Series - Enumerating drivers

It is time to move a little bit beyond the boundaries of the standard Windows Phone SDK - all the way to native development. It will require more effort, but you will be able to access much more information that way. Let's start with the basics - what will...

Andrea Haubner01/02/12
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8 Common Windows Phone Tasks in Mango

In this blog post I will have a closer look at different Phone Tasks and their uses. All those tasks can be found in the Microsoft.Phone.Tasks namespace. Each Task class has a method called "Show()" which is responsible for executing the task....

Jerry Nixon01/02/12
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Windows Phone Mango Sample: Icon Design

Let’s take a minute to walk without using Express Design to create a logo for your Windows Phone application. Expression Design is included in the Expression Suite – it is NOT included with the free version of Expression Blend (which is included in the...

Pieter De Rycke01/02/12
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Dynamically adding RaisePropertyChanged to MVVM Light ViewModels using Reflection.Emit

I like the clean separation between views and view models made possible by the MVVM pattern. But I don’t like the code pattern required to implement RaisePropertyChanged in simple properties.private static string someProperty; public string...

John Esposito01/02/12
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HTML5 Geolocation: Problems and Solutions

JavaScript can ask browsers lots of questions, and IP addresses can (sort of) localize clients -- but only the new Geolocation API provides a standard language for browsers to tell webpages where the browser is physically located, in any way the browser...