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Andrew Conlisk03/26/12
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Starting a New Project for Windows Phone

Andrew Conlisk has created this great tutorial for getting started on a Windows Phone app project using Visual Studio 2010 Pro, although Visual Studio or Windows Phone Express are also great for building Windows Phone 7 apps.

Karthikeyan Anb...03/26/12
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Customize Windows Phone Emulator Skins from Default to Nokia Lumia 800

In this tutorial, Karthikeyan Anbarasan explains how to customize and change the default Windows Phone 7 Emulator skin to the Nokia Lumia 800 skin, which is available through Telerik.

Jerry Nixon03/26/12
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Windows 8: Good News for XAML Developers

Jerry Nixon has some good news for XAML users. While there is continued support for C++, C# and Visual Basic in Windows 8, HTML5 developers will gain support to write first-class, native applications. Jerry explains that with over 500 Million Windows 7 installations, and more than 1.2 Billion Windows devices, the opportunity for Windows 8 is huge.

Tony Siciliani03/25/12
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Android Custom SMS popup - Part One : The BroadcastReceiver

Here's a concrete and mildly useful Android application illustrating the use of some of Android fundamental concepts: Broadcast receivers, Intents, Services, Activities, and Content providers.

Karthikeyan Anb...03/25/12
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How to Specify a Target Version for Windows Phone

In this post, Karthikeyan Anbarasan explains how to specify the target version in Visual Studio 2010 for your Windows Phone application. This is not a step-by-step tutorial, but rather a quick overview of the process.

Chris Smith03/25/12
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Debug Windows Phone 7 App's WITHOUT Zune

In this episode you'll learn to easily debug your Microsoft Windows Phone 7 App's using Microsoft Visual Studio (C#/C++ or VB) and not have to run Zune in the background all the time, as it can be a horrible experience.

Chris Smith03/24/12
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18 Nokia Lumia 800’s Create Bullet-Time Effect at Snowboarding Event

At the recent Burton Snowboard's European Open event in Laax, Switzerland, Nokia hosted a trampoline surrounded by 18 Nokia Lumia 800s to create a 180° bullet-time effect.

Senthil Kumar03/23/12
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Installing PhoneGap and Getting Started

Senthil Kumar has created this simple tutorial for installing and getting started with PhoneGap for Windows Phone.

Chris Smith03/23/12
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Meeting User Expectations with Metro Design Elements for Windows Phone

Corrina Black provides an insightful presentation on how Metro's design elements are the building blocks of the Windows Phone experience and how, as a developer, you can use them to improve the user experience of your application.

Andrew Trice03/23/12
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PhoneGap Explained Visually

I’ve been 'out and about' lately, attending tech conferences, meetup groups, and meeting with developers in their offices, and I am getting great feedback on mobile development & PhoneGap. There are some common questions that I am often asked, and I hope this post helps everyone understand PhoneGap better.

Chris Smith03/23/12
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Hands-On with the Nokia Lumia 900

IntoMobile got their hands on a Nokia Lumia 900 at the Mobile World Congress recently, and provided this video of the phone in action.

Jerry Nixon03/22/12
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Windows 8: At last! Expression Blend for XAML, Metro

Holy frakin’ awesome! The silence around Blend has been slightly lifted. Will there be Expression Blend for Metro XAML like there is for Metro HTML5? Oh yeah!

Chris Smith03/22/12
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Design Patterns and Phone Apps - The Decorator and Windows Phone 7 Software Tutorial

This tutorial includes Beginner Windows Phone 7 development, as well as a more advanced lesson in object-oriented design patterns (a.k.a. the Decorator), combining mobilde development with software architecture. The tutorial uses Visual Studio Express 2010 and the Windows Phone SDK.

Chris Smith03/22/12
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Microsoft Information Leaker 'Exiting the Game', But Not Without Spilling More Beans

A reliable source of Microsoft-centric information leaks, MSnerd has announced he is exiting the arena. But before he goes, he's decided to answer any and all questions related to Microsoft and their place in the industry in a Q&A session on Reddit. Of particular interest are the topics of Silverlight and potential Windows Phone 'Apollo' upgrades for 1st and 2nd generation Windows Phone users.

Andrea Haubner03/22/12
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Adding Ads to Your Windows Phone Application

Andrea Haubner explains how to add advertisements to your Windows Phone Application in just a few simple steps.