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Jevgeni Tšaikin01/03/12
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Passing values to Windows Phone 7 pages: URI paremeters and QueryString

From my point of view specifying parameters and their values in URI (QueryString) is probably the easiest way to pass data from one page to another during the Navigation. In this post I am going to cover this approach for passing values to pages and in...

Den D.01/03/12
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Windows Phone Native Series - Enumerating drivers

It is time to move a little bit beyond the boundaries of the standard Windows Phone SDK - all the way to native development. It will require more effort, but you will be able to access much more information that way. Let's start with the basics - what will...

Andrea Haubner01/02/12
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8 Common Windows Phone Tasks in Mango

In this blog post I will have a closer look at different Phone Tasks and their uses. All those tasks can be found in the Microsoft.Phone.Tasks namespace. Each Task class has a method called "Show()" which is responsible for executing the task....

Jerry Nixon01/02/12
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Windows Phone Mango Sample: Icon Design

Let’s take a minute to walk without using Express Design to create a logo for your Windows Phone application. Expression Design is included in the Expression Suite – it is NOT included with the free version of Expression Blend (which is included in the...

Pieter De Rycke01/02/12
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Dynamically adding RaisePropertyChanged to MVVM Light ViewModels using Reflection.Emit

I like the clean separation between views and view models made possible by the MVVM pattern. But I don’t like the code pattern required to implement RaisePropertyChanged in simple properties.private static string someProperty; public string...

John Esposito01/02/12
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HTML5 Geolocation: Problems and Solutions

JavaScript can ask browsers lots of questions, and IP addresses can (sort of) localize clients -- but only the new Geolocation API provides a standard language for browsers to tell webpages where the browser is physically located, in any way the browser...

Den D.01/02/12
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2011 in review for Windows Phone

During year 2011, Windows Phone got quite a bit of traction. It finally reached a more mature stage with the release of the Mango update - a big step forward compared to its 1.0 Vanilla release. Just this October, the platform hit its 1 year milestone and it...

Tim Murphy01/01/12
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New Windows Phone 7 Stencil For Cacoo

I have created a stencil for wire framing Windows Phone 7 application in Cacoo.  This is definitely a work in progress, but until it is complete I would suggest combining this stencil with the Android stencil that is available by default in Cacoo. ...

Jerry Nixon01/01/12
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Nicely Format Phone Numbers in WP7

This is a simple requirement: the user types in some string that should be a phone number. You need to format that string to look nice and neat. Assuming that we are in the United States where there are 10 digit numbers and a country code of +1, here’s...

Jerry Nixon12/31/11
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Windows Phone Mango Sample: Accelerometer

I know what you’re thinking: “You are already sensitive to various orientations, how can you make my Windows Phone application the same?” Lucky you! Microsoft has written a whole API (a kind of radar, if you will)  to sense Phone orientation. Left?...

Mikael Koskinen12/31/11
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WP7 Application bar icons in a separate assembly

During today’s Windows Phone development session I encountered a problem with the application bar icons. The problem was simple: The application bar and its icons worked correctly inside the startup project but my pages inside the secondary project...

Pieter De Rycke12/30/11
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Adding synchronous methods to WebRequest on Windows Phone 7

In general, I really like developing for Windows Phone 7. The tools like Visual Studio and Blend are of excellent quality and both Silverlight and XNA are very good frameworks. I only have one big annoyance and that’s the fact WebRequest does not support...

Andrea Haubner12/30/11
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WP7 Silverlight Layout Controls: Canvas Element

There are three Controls used for Layout in Silverlight. Grid, StackPanel and Canvas. The Canvas Control Silverlight provides a Canvas element that can be used to group related content. The Canvas element  can have children nested inside of it. It’s...

Jerry Nixon12/30/11
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Windows Phone Mango Sample: Detect Theme

Writing Windows Phone applications is tricky when users switch between the light and dark phone themes. The light theme is a white background, the dark is black. If your images are white on black, users in the light theme will think your application looks...

Punit Ganshani12/30/11
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Windows Phone FAIL: Tips for Apps that Fail MS Certification

Having one application fail to receive Microsoft Certification, I've compiled some of the testing notes recieved from Microsoft for testing applications that use a Network Connection. Requirements The application must run on any Windows Phone 7 device,...