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Chris Smith04/09/12
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Using Windows Phone Camera and Imaging APIs to their Full Potential

While presenting at Microsoft Tech Days - Helsinki 2012, Michael Samarin of Futurice Oy discusses how to utilize the Windows Phone Camera and Imaging APIs to their fullest potential. Michael also touches on the impact of the Nokia 900, which will feature a front facing camera.

Raymond Camden04/09/12
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Adding Database Synchronization to Your PhoneGap Project

For the past few days I've been working on a proof of concept PhoneGap application that demonstrates an example of database synchronization. This is a fairly complex topic and I'm only going to demonstrate one version of this, but I hope the concepts, code, and example application are useful to people hoping to tackle the same problem.

Douglas Rathbone04/08/12
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Things I Missed So You Won’t Have To – WP7 SDK

Doug Rathbone has put together this great post of things he missed during his development journey through Windows Phone 7, including Globalization, Localization, Wi-Fi Browser Login Problems, and more...

Greg Duncan04/07/12
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WP Dev Guide Update, Building Windows Phone 7.1/5 apps with MVVM, that are testable and more...

Greg Duncan provides some great links to the latest developments for Windows Phone including an updated Windows Phone Developer Guide, Developing Windows Phone Apps using MVVM, Building Advanced Windows Phone Applications, and Building Testable Windows Phone apps...

Christian Helle04/07/12
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Windows Phone and HTML5: A Match Made in Heaven?

Christian Helle gave a presentation at the Danish Developer Conference 2012 on Windows Phone and HTML5. In his presentation, Christain discuses several topics including: HTML5 enabled mobile web applications, Geolocation, and embedding HTML5 content in a Silverlight application.

Erik Ejlskov Jensen04/06/12
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Windows Phone Local Database Tip: Exploring DELETE Performance and a “Bug Alert”

In the previous installments in this series of Windows Phone Local Database tips, Erik Jensen has been exploring SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, CREATE DATABASE and Encryption. Now the time has come to have a closer look at DELETE, and investigate how they can be optimized (if possible). He will look at deleting multiple rows in a single call to SubmitChanges.

Samidip Basu04/06/12
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7 Deadly Sins for Windows Phone Developers: Wrath

Sam Basu continues his series on the "7 Deadly Sins for Windows Phone Developers" and in this post, discusses Wrath, and how to avoid it as a developer.

Chris Smith04/05/12
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Is Google Play the Beginning of the End for Android?

Google's recent re-branding of the Android Marketplace as Google Play could mean the end Android for Google. We take a look at some of the recent events and peer into our crystal ball for a look at things to come.

Senthil Kumar04/05/12
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RadAutoCompleteBox with Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone

Senthil Kumar has a quick tutorial for adding an AutoComplete TextBox to your Windows Phone application using Telerik's RadControls.

Joost Van Schaik04/04/12
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Using MVVMLight, ItemsControl, Blend and Behaviors to Make a ‘Heads Up Compass’

Joost van Schaik has provided this very detailed tutorial for creating a "Heads Up Compass" for Windows Phone by combining ItemsControl and behaviors, along with a few other Windows Phone tricks.

Samidip Basu04/04/12
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7 Deadly Sins for Windows Phone Developers: Sloth

Sam Basu returns with the third post in his series of articles on the "7 Deadly Sins for Windows Phone Developers". In this post, Sam discusses Sloth, and provides a great list of resources for maximizing your Windows Phone app.

Tony Siciliani04/03/12
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Android SMS Popup - Part Three: The Activity

Part Three of the custom SMS popup application series illustrating some of Android's fundamental concepts: BroadcastReceivers,Intents, Activities etc..

Chris Smith04/03/12
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Passing Standard Marketplace Tests Using the Windows Phone Marketplace Test Kit

This helpful video, provided by MSUserCommunity, shows you how to run automated, monitored and manual tests using the Windows Phone Marketplace Test Kit with the goal of identifying issues that would prevent apps from passing the standard Marketplace tests.

Karthikeyan Anb...04/03/12
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Installing and Using WP7 Tool Kit for Silverlight

In this article, Karthikeyan Anbarasan explains how to use the Windows Phone 7 Tool Kit for Silverlight which is available as open source and can be downloaded and installed to the local developer machine to use in the application development.

Juhani Lehtimaki04/03/12
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Pull-to-Refresh, or Not?

Cyril Mottier from the GreenDroid fame wrote an insightful and thought provoking article about pull-to-refresh on Android. I don't agree with all his points, and here's why.