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Chris Smith03/20/12
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An Introduction to iPhone App Design

The guys over at App Design Vault have put together this excellent introductory tutorial for better iPhone development.

Rabeb Othmani03/19/12
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Unit Testing Your Windows Phone Mango App

Making apps is good, but making apps that work perfectly is better, and to make sure your apps work perfectly, you need to test. Rabeb Othmani has put together a great walk through for the Mango Unit Testing Framework.

Senthil Kumar03/19/12
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Correcting the Invisible Events Tab Issue in the Properties Window for Windows Phone

Senthil Kumar ran into a small issue with his Telerik RadControls: the Events tab was invisible in the Properties Window. By downloading the MSI file and repairing the installation of RadControls, Senthil was able to fix his problem, and in this post he shows you just how he did it.

Christian Helle03/19/12
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Integrating HTML5 and Javascript with Windows Phone 7

Everyone, everywhere is talking about HTML5 these days. In this article, Christian Helle explains how to integrate HTML5 + Javascript in a Windows Phone application and the same demonstrate how to call a .NET method from Javascript and how to call a Javascript method from .NET.

Chris Smith03/19/12
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Surveillance Camera App Using Nokia's Notifications API

This Surveillance Camera example app demonstrates the usage of Nokia's Notifications API. The Notifications API lets you add real-time push notifications to your client applications. This example consists of two mobile apps.

Chris Smith03/18/12
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Who Has a Windows Phone 7?

Now that it appears that there won't be a direct upgrade path from Windows Phone 7 (WP7) to WP8, if you were ever planning on diving into WP7, that time is now. Why wait for Windows Phone 8? Here are some WP7 Phones that you can buy today.

Karthikeyan Anb...03/17/12
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Working with Telerik RadMessageBox Controls for Windows Phone 7

In a previous article, Karthikeyan Anbarasan explained how to start with the Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone 7, and in this article, he shows you how to use the recently installed controls.

Chris Smith03/17/12
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World Record 144 Windows Phones Working Together

A video file is distributed via WiFi to 144 phones and split to pieces for each phone. One Windows Phone is controlling the video wall and keeping them in sync and that looks awesome!

Raymond Camden03/17/12
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A Brief Introduction to PhoneGap (Slides, Code, Recording)

Slides, audio, and code from Raymond Camden's recent presentation on PhoneGap at the Salt Lake ColdFusion Users Group.

Chris Smith03/16/12
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iPhone vs. WP7 vs. Android

Every day I get more and more questions from different viewers on which platform and phone should they spend their hard earned cash on. I try and help you answer that question in this video and walk you through how to determine what is right for you.

Christian Helle03/16/12
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Accessing the Accelerometer from HTML5 and Javascript with Windows Phone 7

This post demonstrates how to access the Accelerometer sensor from HTML5 and Javascript. To make things more interesting, the Accelerometer reading data will be constantly updated every 100 milliseconds and .NET code will repeatedly call a Javascript method as Accelerometer reading data gets updated.

Lohith Nagaraj03/16/12
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Windows Phone Development Tool - Windows Phone Commands

Lohith Nagaraj explains the use and origin of Windows Phone Commands, and provides a detailed tutorial for installing the Windows Phone Commands extension for Visual Studio.

Chris Smith03/16/12
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Mozilla's Boot2Gecko in Action on a Galaxy S2

Mozilla was out showing off their web-based phone at the Mobile World Congress last month, and IDG News Service posted this video of Jonathan Nightengale, Senior Director for Firefox Engineering, demonstrating the phone in action.

Matt Lacey03/15/12
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Two Presentations: "Thinking Mobile and Beyond" and "Awesome Windows Phone Development"

Last month, Matt Lacey went to Scotland to talk at some user groups about Windows Phone Development and general mobile development principles that can be applied to all platforms. Here are the slides from those presentations.

Boris Smus03/15/12
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Building a Mobile Web Application Tech Stack

There are many technical decisions to make when writing web applications. Boris Smus has come back to writing modern web applications lately, and wanted to consolidate some scattered thoughts that he had recorded over the course of his development cycle. In this post, he goes over some of the most important framework types, each of which could be expanded into an article in its own right.