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Matt Hidinger12/26/11
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Real World Windows Phone Dev Part 4: The Panorama

This series is going to walk through building a polished, functioning Windows Phone app from start to finish. The app is called Realworld Stocks and the full source code will be available on CodePlex as the series progresses. I’ll be using Mercurial to...

Jerry Nixon12/26/11
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Mango Sample: MVVM

The Model View View-Model pattern is intended for applications that have State, like a Silverlight application. There are 3 parts: The Model The View The View-Model

Punit Ganshani12/26/11
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Creating Page Transitions in Windows Phone

Creating page transitions is not difficult at all when you have Silverlight Toolkit available in market.  So follow the steps written below Step 1: Using Silverlight Toolkit So first download the latest copy of Silverlight Toolkit and follow the steps...

Terrence Ryan12/26/11
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Android Toast-like Alerts in HTML using CSS

One of the little things I like about Android is the "toast." If you are not familiar with the toast, it is the little transparent notice you get that operations are done. The best example is the toast that tells you how long you will have to...

Den D.12/25/11
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Visual Studio Achievements for Windows Phone - Final notes before the beta

I finally got Visual Studio Achievements for Windows Phone to a beta stage. There is a lot of work that I am still doing, and you can see the planned roadmap here; however I decided to push a beta release in order to find existing issues while I am working on...

Greg Duncan12/25/11
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Windows Phone 7 + IronRuby + Online Library Hosting + Auto Updating = LiveLibs

livelibs Welcome to LiveLibs.com! What's this LiveLibs thing? In a nutshell, LiveLibs is a set of tools and technologies that allows you to have self-updating code running on Windows Phones. Excuse me? You mean I can deploy bugfixes and add...

Jerry Nixon12/25/11
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XAML Dev’s Favorite Snippet

Data binding in XAML is powerful. We can wire up forms without code-behind. However, for it to work, data bound objects must implement INotifyPropertyChanged. Without this interface, object property value changes are not reflected in the UI. Objects ...

Jerry Nixon12/24/11
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Windows Phone Mango Sample: Consume Odata

Odata is a standard method to expose data through a WCF service. Typical services have GetThis() & GetThat() methods, Odata services expose Queriable interfaces that allow consumers to define data queries on the fly.

Daniel Egan12/24/11
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Get Network Info on Windows Phone

When you are developing your application, you keep in mind that you may not always have a network connection. You should prepare for this simi-connected environment.  To do this, you should use the Microsoft.Phone.Net.NetworkingInformation namespace....

Jerry Nixon12/23/11
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Windows Phone Mango Sample: Input Scope

Windows Phone has an on-screen keyboard. We call it the SIP (Software Input Panel). It appears when users give focus to a TextBox. The configuration of SIP keys varies by how the developer sets up the TextBox’s InputScope property.

Punit Ganshani12/23/11
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Color Reflector for WP7 and Silverlight

Let’s assume that you have a paint application.  A user can draw, modify pictures, save it, retrieve it back and even share it.  Now with such an application, you would want to enhance the user experience by allowing him customize the user-interface....

Jorge Ramon12/23/11
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Building a jQuery Mobile Application, Part 3

In this third part of my tutorial on how to create a mobile web app using  jQuery Mobile we are going to focus on the following areas:

Simon Jackson12/22/11
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There and Back again “A Tombstoning tale”–The return of the application.

In my original post here “Is my XNA game dead yet?”, I covered most of the basics of tombstoning, that being the process of what happens to your app or game during it’s life on the Windows Phone.

Tim Murphy12/22/11
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Ways To Pass Time On Window Phone – TouchDevelop

A co-worker was showing me an in phone scripting environment on the iPhone and I knew I had seen one mentioned for the Windows Phone before.  TouchDevelop is an app from Microsoft Research that allows you to create small applications that do a wide...