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Chris Smith03/12/12
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Developing Applications Using Microsoft's Metro for Windows Phone

Bryan Agnetta, Senior User Experience PM Lead at Microsoft, offers insight into developing applications using the Metro design language. Agnetta gives an overview of creating applications with Metro and discusses Microsoft's efforts to integrate its various brands into this one innovative platform.

Chris Smith03/11/12
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The Windows Phone Experience in Review

Bryan Agnetta, Senior User Experience (UX) PM Lead at Microsoft, gives a step-by-step review of the Windows Phone experience. Agnetta answers developers' questions regarding developing for the Metro UI and Windows Phone devices.

Maximiliano Firtman03/10/12
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What iOS 5.1 and the New iPad Mean for Web Developers

Max Firtman talks about the new iPad, with iOS 5.1. He's done the usual research and realized there aren't many new details...However, the new iPad retina display reminds Max of some web stuff we should be aware of while creating iPad web experiences.

Jevgeni Tšaikin03/10/12
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Another Way of Passing Values Between Windows Phone 7 Pages

Jevgeni Tšaikin presents another appropriate way for passing data from one page to another during the navigation by setting up destination page properties (or variables) within OnNavigatedFrom...

Raymond Camden03/10/12
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PhoneGap's File API

Explains the PhoneGap File API by example -- first isolating individual operations, then combining into a single, coherent whole app.

Matt Lacey03/09/12
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Help Make Tombstoning Easier for Everyone!

Matt Lacey originally built TombstoneHelper to try and make it easier to handle tombstoning in Windows Phone 7 apps, and while it covered some of the basics, Matt felt it didn't go as far as most people needed, still leaving many confused about how to handle tombstoning in an app. Matt is currently working on updating the TombstoneHelper library, and needs your help!

Ben Kepes03/09/12
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FeedHenry Powers Mobile Application on Cloud Foundry

Regarding the announcement by FeedHenry detailing their mobile platform as a service developed in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.

Erik Ejlskov Jensen03/09/12
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Windows Phone Local Database Tip: Working with Encrypted Database Files

SQL Server Compact on Windows Phone supports encryption of the database file. In this post, Erik Ejlskov Jensen explains that by specifying a password on the ConnectionString during encryption and subsequent openings, the contents of the database file will be encrypted...

Axel Rauschmayer03/09/12
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Apple’s 2012 iPad Event: The Highlights

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer talks about the news announced recently at Apple's iPad event....

Chris Smith03/08/12
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Windows Phone Tango Emulator Demo

From windowsphonehacker comes a nice demonstration of the new features in the Windows Phone Tango emulator: MMS, Location, and Settings.

Jevgeni Tšaikin03/08/12
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Windows Phone 7 ItemsControl Virtualization using VirtualizingStackPanel in Silverlight

In a recent Windows Phone project, Jevgeni Tšaikin had to replace ListBox with ItemsControl..but ItemsControl does not offer UI virtualization for child items by default. So he had to add the same VirtualizingStackPanel to the ItemsPanelTemplate element...

Kunal Chowdhury03/08/12
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How to Launch the WP7 Marketplace Hub (using the MarketplaceHubTask)

In this post, Kunal Chowdry explains how to use the MarketplaceHubTask API to launch the Windows Phone 7 Hub client in your phone device. Using the code, you can also launch it in the phone emulator. Continue reading to learn more about it.

Tony Siciliani03/07/12
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Android AIDL and Remote Client

Check out this example of a client using Android Interface Definition language (AIDL) for Inter-Process communication (IPC) with a Service setup in another Android application on the phone.

Robert Maclean03/07/12
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Important Changes to Express Editions of Visual Studio "11"

Today we have five Express products: C++, C#, Visual Basic, Web and Phone...however, with the launch of Visual Studio “11” we will only have TWO (Web & Windows)! Robert MacLean explains how the old Express editions map to the new Express editions and how the Windows Express edition ONLY allows the building of Metro apps...

Andrew Trice03/07/12
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Welcome, Adobe Shadow!

Ready for the new era in multi-screen development? Adobe Shadow is a new, free tool that is now available on labs.adobe.com that enables synchronized browsing and remote inspection across desktop and mobile experiences, in real time. Andrew Trice provides some insight on Adobe's latest announcement...