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Axel Rauschmayer03/09/12
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Apple’s 2012 iPad Event: The Highlights

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer talks about the news announced recently at Apple's iPad event....

Chris Smith03/08/12
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Windows Phone Tango Emulator Demo

From windowsphonehacker comes a nice demonstration of the new features in the Windows Phone Tango emulator: MMS, Location, and Settings.

Jevgeni Tšaikin03/08/12
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Windows Phone 7 ItemsControl Virtualization using VirtualizingStackPanel in Silverlight

In a recent Windows Phone project, Jevgeni Tšaikin had to replace ListBox with ItemsControl..but ItemsControl does not offer UI virtualization for child items by default. So he had to add the same VirtualizingStackPanel to the ItemsPanelTemplate element...

Kunal Chowdhury03/08/12
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How to Launch the WP7 Marketplace Hub (using the MarketplaceHubTask)

In this post, Kunal Chowdry explains how to use the MarketplaceHubTask API to launch the Windows Phone 7 Hub client in your phone device. Using the code, you can also launch it in the phone emulator. Continue reading to learn more about it.

Tony Siciliani03/07/12
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Android AIDL and Remote Client

Check out this example of a client using Android Interface Definition language (AIDL) for Inter-Process communication (IPC) with a Service setup in another Android application on the phone.

Robert Maclean03/07/12
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Important Changes to Express Editions of Visual Studio "11"

Today we have five Express products: C++, C#, Visual Basic, Web and Phone...however, with the launch of Visual Studio “11” we will only have TWO (Web & Windows)! Robert MacLean explains how the old Express editions map to the new Express editions and how the Windows Express edition ONLY allows the building of Metro apps...

Andrew Trice03/07/12
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Welcome, Adobe Shadow!

Ready for the new era in multi-screen development? Adobe Shadow is a new, free tool that is now available on labs.adobe.com that enables synchronized browsing and remote inspection across desktop and mobile experiences, in real time. Andrew Trice provides some insight on Adobe's latest announcement...

Alex Curylo03/07/12
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Review Management Done Right

So you’ve tried one or more of those “RATE ME PLZ” popup annoyances and found it doesn’t work all that well? Yep! You put a “SUPPORT” link somewhere to try and head off the blatantly misunderstanding 1-star reviews and found it doesn’t work all that well? Yep! Well check out this great series on review management done right...

Jerry Nixon03/07/12
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Game Developers Conference

Jerry Nixon is attending the Game Developer Conference this week and here Jerry gives a little background on what GDC is all about, and talks about the Microsoft Developer Day...

Mikael Koskinen03/07/12
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Windows Phone 7 Sockets: How to Send a Message

Mikael Koskinen continues his tutorial for Windows Phone developers using WP7 Sockets. In this post, Mikael explains how to identify yourself and start sending messages to the server...

Mikael Koskinen03/06/12
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WinRT XAML Navigating from Page to Page: How it differs from Windows Phone 7

After getting the Visual Studio 2011 to work with Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Mikael Koskinen has been trying to get his head around the WinRT / Metro-details. For now, he has decided to stay with the XAML-side of things, because that’s the most familiar to him. In this post, Mikael discusses the differences in page navigation between Windows Phone 7 and WinRT...

Chris Smith03/06/12
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Syncfusion Metro Studio Demo - Over 600 Customizable Metro-Style Icons

Syncfusion Metro Studio is a collection of over 600 metro style icon templates that can be easily customized to create thousands of unique metro icons using an intuitive customization tool. Metro Studio is the only icon collection that you will ever need for building metro style applications.

Jerry Nixon03/06/12
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Windows Phone: A Settings Page in 5 Minutes

One of the things that distinguishes great Windows Phone applications is the ability to configure to the preferences of the user. The best way to provide this custom experience is through a settings page. In this article, Jerry Nixon explains how to create a reusable setting framework you can use in all your Windows Phone applications.

Chris Smith03/05/12
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Nokia Digital Marketing Toolkit for Windows Phone Developers

Nokia is getting ready to release a new toolkit for Windows Phone devs that allows them to create instant Nokia-esque videos featuring their apps. We take a tour.

Robert Diana03/05/12
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Mobile Development Job Trends - February 2012

Given that mobile development is the hottest thing right now, the trends are important, and at some points difficult to read. In this post, Rob Diana takes a look at the basic job trends by platform (iPhone, Android, WP7, etc.), the short-term trends, and the relative scaling trends...