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Tim Dams12/17/11
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Mobile Learning to cook with WP 7.5 data (a book review)

Recently I received a review copy of the “Windows Phone 7.5 Data Cookbook” by Ramesh Thalli from Packt Publishing (ISBN 978-1-84969-122-2). This book, divided in 8 chapters, shows how simple it is to write data-driven programs WP7 applications. What...

Greg Duncan12/17/11
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"Windows Phone Toolkit In Depth" 2nd edition, free Windows Phone 7.1(5) PDF now available

Windows Phone Geek - New FREE e-book: Windows Phone Toolkit In Depth 2nd edition "We are pleased to announce that we have just released our new FREE e-book "Windows Phone Toolkit In Depth" 2nd edition by Boryana Miloshevska.

Mitch Pronschinske12/17/11
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Introduction to XAML development on Windows 8

At BUILD 2011, Microsoft announced Windows 8. This upcoming version of Windows is probably the biggest change the OS ever went through. Windows 8 focuses...

Prabath Siriwardena12/16/11
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The 1st Kolamba DZone Community Meetup

Be sure to check out the DZone Blog for pictures of our meetup last week at the HQ in Cary, NC!We successfully completed the first Kolamba DZone meetup with 5O+ attendees from WSO2, University of Moratuwa, University of Colombo, Informatics and IFS. We...

Daniel Egan12/16/11
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Windows Phone Alerts and Reminders

Another great feature for Windows Phone Mango is the ability to set up reminders and alerts in your application (While it is not running).  You would be surprised how many applications want/need this. During our Windows Phone 7 Unleashed events this was a...

Daniel Egan12/16/11
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WP7 Isolated Storage Snapshots

When working with Isolated Storage on the phone you sometimes have difficulty “seeing” what is located in the IsoStore for your application.  Luckily we have a tool that will help you take snapshots of the Sandboxed Isolated Storage for your...

Den D.12/16/11
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Dell Venue Pro - AT Commands while searching for interop unlock

While looking for a hint of interop unlock on a Dell Venue Pro device (running Windows Phone 7), I was working with the Engineering Mode application. One of the capabilities it offers is an AT command execution layer. While follwoing the list of...

Glen Gordon12/16/11
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PhoneGap on WP7 Tip #2: Script interaction

Here's a link to part 1 of this series.

Matt Lacey12/16/11
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Renewing Windows Phone Developer Phone Registration

I share this in the hope that it will help out someone else in the future. Today I was surprised to see that when I tried to run an app on one of my devices I got a message saying that the app had been revoked and I must uninstall it. This surprised me as...

Tim Dams12/15/11
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7 WP7 Dev Tools You Might End Up Using Frequently

There’s an incredible amount of guides, tools and utilities to be found on the Internet (or should I say ‘tha cloud’?) for Windows Phone 7 developers. Compiled in this article are some of the tools I’ve come across on my searches which I now use...

John Esposito12/15/11
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Sencha Says: Kindle Fire Handles HTML5 OK

Does Kindle Fire really compete with the iPad? That depends on whether 'compete' means 'has near-identical functionality' (answer: no) or 'will take sales away from the iPad' (answer: probably).

Daniel Egan12/15/11
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Windows Phone testing for sensors

If you are planning on using the new sensors that are in the Windows Phone code named Mango (Gyroscope, Compass, etc…), you need to add some code to your application to test and see if they are available.  You can use the Microsoft.Devices.Sensors...

Matt Hidinger12/14/11
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Effectively serializing data to WP7 using JSON and ASP.NET MVC

At PDC'10 last year Microsoft showed their upcoming solution for sharing assemblies between different platforms (Windows Phone, Silverlight, and .NET) – dubbed Portable Library Projects. The release date is said to be H1 2011 so hopefully they are still...

Andrea Haubner12/14/11
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A Closer Look at XAML

I’ve seen people writing code rather in the XAML page than in the C# code page. Things seem to be easier, faster. So I figured, it might be time to take a closer look. XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language) is a declarative XML-based language...