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Matt Lacey12/16/11
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Renewing Windows Phone Developer Phone Registration

I share this in the hope that it will help out someone else in the future. Today I was surprised to see that when I tried to run an app on one of my devices I got a message saying that the app had been revoked and I must uninstall it. This surprised me as...

Tim Dams12/15/11
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7 WP7 Dev Tools You Might End Up Using Frequently

There’s an incredible amount of guides, tools and utilities to be found on the Internet (or should I say ‘tha cloud’?) for Windows Phone 7 developers. Compiled in this article are some of the tools I’ve come across on my searches which I now use...

John Esposito12/15/11
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Sencha Says: Kindle Fire Handles HTML5 OK

Does Kindle Fire really compete with the iPad? That depends on whether 'compete' means 'has near-identical functionality' (answer: no) or 'will take sales away from the iPad' (answer: probably).

Daniel Egan12/15/11
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Windows Phone testing for sensors

If you are planning on using the new sensors that are in the Windows Phone code named Mango (Gyroscope, Compass, etc…), you need to add some code to your application to test and see if they are available.  You can use the Microsoft.Devices.Sensors...

Matt Hidinger12/14/11
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Effectively serializing data to WP7 using JSON and ASP.NET MVC

At PDC'10 last year Microsoft showed their upcoming solution for sharing assemblies between different platforms (Windows Phone, Silverlight, and .NET) – dubbed Portable Library Projects. The release date is said to be H1 2011 so hopefully they are still...

Andrea Haubner12/14/11
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A Closer Look at XAML

I’ve seen people writing code rather in the XAML page than in the C# code page. Things seem to be easier, faster. So I figured, it might be time to take a closer look. XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language) is a declarative XML-based language...

Jerry Nixon12/14/11
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Mango Sample: Accelerometer

I know what you’re thinking: “You are already sensitive to various orientations, how can you make my Windows Phone application the same?” Lucky you! Microsoft has written a whole API (a kind of radar, if you will)  to sense Phone orientation. Left?...

Juhani Lehtimaki12/14/11
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Quick UI Tip - Avoid Popups

Does anyone still remember when Internet advertising was in it's most annoying. That was when browsers hadn't yet have evolved to protect their users from over eager and intrusive advertisers and web page editors. The most obnoxious form of ads was the...

David Kelley12/13/11
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Turning XAML into an image (jpg) in WP7 isolated storage and to the Phone Media Library

So one thing that has been kind a trick since the old avalon then wpf days was to be able to can a snap shot of part of the visual tree and make that an image so that you can clean up the visual tree from some xaml complexity and replace it with a plain...

Michael Crump12/13/11
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Silverlight 5 has been released plus other info!

On December the 9th, 2011, Microsoft released the final version of Silverlight 5. This release included many new features that I was looking forward to including: P/Invoke, XAML Binding Debugging and Implicit Data Templates. with this release came the...

Matt Lacey12/13/11
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The absolutely most important thing developers need to know about Windows 8

Forget Metro. Forget tablets. Forget WinRT. Forget building apps in HTML/JS. The absolutely most important thing developers (and anyone involved in the creation, design, sale, marketing, etc. of software) need to know is based on the fact that it is...

Den D.12/13/11
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Visual Studio Achievements for Windows Phone - Storage

Previous parts, in case you missed them:

Peter Karussell12/13/11
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Shortest Code for a Simple Calculator on Android

 String RESULT; String input = "(1+3)/4 * 2 - 7"; ... webSettings.setJavaScriptEnabled(true); ... webView.addJavascriptInterface(new JavaScriptInterface() { public void returnResult(String o) { RESULT = o; }},...