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Andrea Haubner12/08/11
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Windows Phone Silverlight Animation for Beginners

Today I read something very cool. Even for beginners like me it is relatively easy to use animations in an application. To see how, I quickly created a new project with just a text block. Then I located the TextBlock element in the XAML view and replaced...

John Esposito12/07/11
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Rapidly Slash UI Dev Time (and Seriously Increase Performance) with KendoUI

Every new web technology should improve either user or developer experience, or ideally both. But even if the technologies do both of these things, finding and stitching together the right tech to use -- let alone libraries, especially in the colossal thicket...

Mitch Pronschinske12/07/11
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Windows Store: More Flexible than Apple, and a 80/20 Revenue Split Over $25K

Microsoft just gained a major competitive edge for its Windows Phone and upcoming Windows 8 platform.  I'm guessing that Google and Apple will now have to think about adopting similar changes that were announced today for Microsoft's upcoming "Windows...

Punit Ganshani12/07/11
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WCF Rest Services for Windows Phone

It's so great to create WCF Rest services for Windows Phone, you have to follow just 5 steps.  This post will have more code than words, making it neat and to-the-point   Step 1: Create a WCF Service Define the interface IMyService in ‘Services’...

Jevgeni Tšaikin12/06/11
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Windows Phone 7 System Tray

System Tray is an important part of Windows Phone 7 platform as it displays critical system information and notifications to the user. In this post I will cover basic functionality of system tray, explain how to hide/show system tray in your Windows Phone...

Glen Gordon12/06/11
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PhoneGap on WP7 Pro Tip #1: Handling Orientation

Today’s PhoneGap on Windows Phone 7 tip involves handling orientation changes. This means when a user rotates their phone from portrait to landscape, the content should rotate as well. Not only that, in some scenarios elements on the screen should...

Mitch Pronschinske12/06/11
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How To: Windows Phone and SQL Databases

Some developer evangelists for Windows Phone are now streaming their local presentations and Windows Phone Workshops online for the benefit of everyone.  Here's a good video from WP7 evangelist Jerry Nixon, who also just recently joined the DZone MVB...

Matt Lacey12/05/11
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Windows 8 does not use Metro!

"Ooh, ooh, ooh. Windows 8 looks just like Windows Phone 7 - it's metro too." No. Stop. Wait. Metro is the name of the design language for Windows Phone 7. If you've been paying attention, everyone (who's "on message") has been saying...

Jeff Blankenburg12/05/11
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31 Days of Mango | Day #31: Promoting Your App

This article is Day #31 in a series called 31 Days of Mango.

Den D.12/04/11
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Big App on Campus Student Competition from Microsoft

Yet another competition for students from Microsoft. In partnership with The Gracious Few, Microsoft decided to offer a unique experience for ten students that will travel to Austin, TX for SXSW - they will be able to access a private concert, will have...

Den D.12/03/11
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You've Got Game - new Windows Phone sweepstakes for student developers

During this time of the year Microsoft runs a few sweepstake programs targeting the student audience, some of them gaining a lot of traction in the academic community. Today's program is different because it specifically applied to student developers who are...

Jerry Nixon12/03/11
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Mango Sample: Lock and Run

When a user is idle, their screen locks and your Windows

Mitch Pronschinske12/02/11
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Official Starter Tutorials for Windows Phone Now Updated to Mango

Got a handy list of WP7(.1) tutorials for you today straight from the source, MSDN.  If you haven't done so already, or if you need to update these areas for your new WP7.1 apps, take a look below. Developing a Windows Phone Application from Start to Finish