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Punit Ganshani01/31/12
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8 Simple Steps to Fix 'Insufficient Storage Available' on Android

Tired of getting the error message that you have 'Insufficient Storage Available' while trying to install a new app on your Android phone or tablet? Punit Ganshani shows you one of the easiest ways to correct this in just 8 simple steps.

Chris Smith01/31/12
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Understanding the Required Artwork for your Windows Phone App

Recently, I contributed an article on the Marketplace Test Kit to Jeff Blankenburg’s 31-days of Mango. The Marketplace Test Kit should be used by all Windows Phone developers to perform a check-point on their app, and it’s requirements, prior to...

Maarten Struys01/31/12
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EvenTiles from Start to Finish - Part 2

In the first part of this series about how to develop a Windows Phone application from scratch we looked at the initial project and how to initialize the Application Tile by setting elements in the manifest file. Today we will add an ApplicationBar to our...

Mark Mooibroek01/30/12
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Add Sound Effects to Your Android Game

Every game has sound and music. In this short post I will teach you how to add sound to your own Android game. Lets start off with the base sprite example from last post.

Alex Curylo01/30/12
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iOS Scene Graph Library

So there’s a new option out there for your 3D engine game needs (you may recall our NinevehGL post a little while back rounding up a bunch of other ones): iSGL3D : iOS Scene Graph Library 3D iSGL3D (iOS Scene Graph Library) is a 3D framework for the...

Mikael Koskinen01/30/12
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Windows Phone Performance Tips: Beware the PivotItems

Most of the WP7 applications use either the Panorama or the Pivot controls. It seems that you can solve most of the UI requirements by just using these two controls. But, some care should be taken. The pivot control at a first glance may look like a...

Maarten Struys01/30/12
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EvenTiles from Start to Finish–Part 1

As I promised a few days ago, in between other blog entries I will show you how to create a complete Windows Phone application from scratch. This project starts with running Visual Studio to create an initial solution and it stops after having updated the...

Dhananjay Kumar01/30/12
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Windows Azure Storage Client Library for Windows Phone: Part 1

Windows Azure Storage Client Library allows you to perform operations on Windows Azure storage from Windows Phone. Using Windows Azure Storage Client, you can

Troy Hunt01/30/12
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Secret iOS Business: What You Don't Know About Your Apps

In the beginning, there was the web and you accessed it though the browser and all was good. Stuff didn’t download until you clicked on something; you expected cookies to be tracking you and you always knew if HTTPS was being used. In general, the casual...

Den D.01/29/12
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Windows Phone with modem access - sending SMS messages through a terminal emulator

As I was looking for another way to provision my Dell Venue Pro (those devices are on lockdown because of lack of registry access) I figured that I still need to experiment with AT commands.

Den D.01/29/12
2 replies

Results of the Windows 8 development poll

Not too long ago I ran a poll asking developers whether they already started developing applications for Windows 8. There were a total of 127 votes cast, with a surprising end result. But let's start from the very beginning. Answered 'Yes, actively.'Total...

Erik Ejlskov Jensen01/29/12
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Generating a LINQ to SQL DataContext for VS Express for Windows Phone

As you may know, you can generate a Windows Phone DataContext based on an existing database for use with Windows Phone Mango “Local Database”, as described here and here. But this feature is only available if you own a paid Visual Studio edition (Pro...

Tim Dams01/28/12
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Creating a WP7 app: Supporting dark and light themes

In this post I will show how to create an application that supports both the dark and the light themes, without the hassle of creating two sets of images, icons or styles. This post is part of a series of posts I’ve planned on my findings while writing a...

Mikael Koskinen01/28/12
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WP7 Application’s Mango-upgrade: Remember to check TextBox InputScopes

We recently upgraded one of our Windows Phone 7 apps to Mango and things went quite smoothly using the Visual Studio’s built-in “Upgrade to Windows Phone 7.1” –functionality.

Jorge Ramon01/28/12
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Sencha Touch or jQuery Mobile?

If you ever need to choose between jQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch, you need to consider these factors before making your decision: