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Senthil Kumar02/29/12
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How to Retreive the TimeZone Programmatically in Windows Phone

Windows Phone users can set the time zone via the Settings -> Datetime Form in the Windows Phone. If you want to retreive this information (Timezone) , you can use the TimeZoneInfo.Local property that is defined in the System.Security NameSpace.

Chris Smith02/28/12
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Mobile App Development, PlayUp, Objective-C, and Windows Phone with Kevin O'Neill

Kevin O'Neill sits down with Channel 9 to discuss his work at PlayUp, his "love-affair" with Objective-C, and bringing PlayUp's mobile apps to Windows Phone 7...

Chris Smith02/28/12
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Jesse Liberty Leaves Microsoft for Telerik

Jesse Liberty announced on his blog yesterday that he is leaving Microsoft, after almost five years, to become a XAML Evangelist at Telerik.

Chris Smith02/28/12
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Skype App Beta Arrives for Windows Phone

Skype has finally arrived for Windows Phone (in Beta format). Skype for Windows Phone Beta supports the most important Skype features you've come to know and love. And you will be especially thrilled by the clean and simple Skype experience that the Metro user interface delivers on your Windows Phone...

Chris Smith02/28/12
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Learn XAML and Windows Phone Development Right On Your Phone by Writing and Trying Our Samples!

Social Ebola has developed a new app for the "geekier" users out there that allows you to use XAML and Javascript to try out Windws Phone 7.5 development right on your phone or through a browser...

Daniel Egan02/27/12
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T3P #1 Setting up for iPhone Dev

Daniel Egan starts off this series on building apps natively on each mobile Platform (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone) by detailing the setup and configuration of his MacBook Air that he will use for iOS development...

Andrea Haubner02/27/12
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Adding an Image Background to a TextBlock in Windows Phone

Andrea Haubner explains three ways to add an image background to a TextBlock: first, adding the TextBlock to a Grid and setting the Background property of the Grid; second, applying additional margins; and, third, simply putting a Border around the TextBlock.

Chris Smith02/27/12
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Microsoft Looks to Add 60% More Potential Customers with Low-Cost Smartphones

Microsoft is making noise in the low-cost smartphone market. Chris explains what this means for Windows Phone developers and what you can do to take advantage of this news...

Chris Smith02/27/12
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The Open Web Device: Mozilla and Telefonica's Project for Actually Native HTML5

While we await news on Mozilla's OEM partner(s) for their Boot2Gecko OS, Chris provides a little background on how this whole thing got started...

Andrew Trice02/27/12
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PhoneGap on Windows Phone via OS X

Andrew Trice is embarking on a new PhoneGap project that will run on multiple platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. But Andrew's story has a twist: he's doing Windows Phone development on a Mac. In this post, Andrew explains how he came to this decision and the setup he is using.

David Amador02/26/12
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Thinking About Becoming An Indie Game Developer?

If you're thinking about becoming an indie game developer, there's some things you need to know. Writing games is hard work and you have to expect to fail. And don't forget, there are very few genuine over-night success stories: most developers spend years working on their games before they are released.

Maarten Struys02/26/12
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EvenTiles from Start to Finish - Part 15

Maarten Struys continues his series on developing a Windows Phone application from start to finish. In this episode, he discusses how to add the User Interface for an About Page to the application using Expression Blend.

Eric Daugherty02/25/12
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Debugging Android Web Traffic

Normally, I would use a packet sniffer, such as WireShark (OS X and Windows) to look at the network traffic and debug an application. For Android development I do my primary development on a physical Android device. It is faster, and provides a more realistic experience during development and debugging. However, since the network traffic is no longer going through my computer, WireShark doesn't help. To solve this, I use another program called Charles.

Jerry Nixon02/25/12
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Windows Phone: Go Underground

Jerry Nixon typically writes his blog posts from the view point that everyone knows the .NET framework and are rushing from from that point. While that may be true for 99.9% of his readers, in this post Jerry recommends a great resource for those wanting to learn C#...

Alessandro Giorgetti02/24/12
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Windows Phone - Quick and Dirty Testing if Your ViewModel is Serializable

Alessandro Giorgetti's quick and dirty way to handle suspended states in Windows Phone is to 'persist' the ViewModel to the application state or to a file storage and retrieve it at a later time when the application is reactivated. He also explains how to avoid headaches when using this method...