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Simon Jackson12/11/11
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XNA to SilverXNA-part 5 Control, Control, we must have control

Must admit I had a bit of a Star Wars relapse while thinking about what to call this article, hay I'm only human, supposedly. So at this point in the SilverXNA series we now have our XNA game running with Silverlight side by side and all’s well, but surely...

Andrea Haubner12/11/11
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Visual Studio vs. Expression Blend - Adding an ApplicationBar

Many applications have an AppBar. The ApplicationBar on Windows Phone is the equivalent of a menu bar and / or toolbar for desktop applications. It can include IconButtons and MenuItems. The namespace Microsoft.Phone.Shell defines the AppBar. I’ll get...

Juhani Lehtimaki12/11/11
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Video: Taming Android UIs with Eric Burke of Square

In October, Eric Burke from Square gave an excellent and in depth presentation about building Andr

Terrence Ryan12/11/11
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jQuery Mobile and Semantics

I've been fooling around with jQuery Mobile, and I really like what it's capable of accomplishing. However I've had one nagging gripe with it. The amount of <div>s you end up creating. Most of the sample code looks like this:

Terrence Ryan12/10/11
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One Click PhoneGap Build to Android Device Script

I've been fooling around with PhoneGap Build, and I really love it. I love that I don't need to fire up Eclipse or XCode to start fooling around with an app. All I need is a text editor and a browser. What I especially love is the ability to integrate a...

Punit Ganshani12/10/11
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Is your WP7 application ready for certification?

Take this short test to evaluate whether your application is ready for certification.  Please note that your application details (name, version, etc) are not captured in this test, however your responses may be recorded and stored for analysis purpose.  ...

Mitch Pronschinske12/10/11
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MPNS module for Node.js - Windows Phone Push Notifications

Push notifications (toasts, live tiles, etc.) for the cloud are a big feature if you can have it in your app.  If you're familiar with this powerful little technology called Node.js you'll be happy to know that Windows Phone Lead Developer Jeff Wilcox has...

Matt Lacey12/09/11
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Windows Phone 8 and WinRT

I've heard a lot of people claim that they think that the next major version of Windows Phone (which they assume will be called Windows Phone 8) will use WinRT as part of the phone's OS. I don't.At this point I should state that even though I have spent a...

Jerry Nixon12/09/11
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My Top 5 Mango Features

Everyday I find more that I love in my Windows Phone: voice-to-text SMS, visual Bing search, Secondary Tiles, visual Voice Mail, and SkyDrive integration. Momentum is finally catching on. As a user, it’s simple and a pleasure to use.

Henry Lee12/08/11
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Make Money During your WP7 App's Free Trial

With the big news about the Windows Store yesterday and the new flexible app trials it will bring (time OR feature-based trials), DZone thought it would be good to share a tutorial about how to create a free trial and also make money with ads during the free...

Matt Hidinger12/08/11
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DynamicLocalhost NuGet Package for Windows Phone

Why? Because I should be able to Get Latest and F5! I think simplicity is a crucial measure of success in all software. I think being able to pull down the source code onto any developer machine and F5 is an important goal to strive for. Removing manual...

Andrea Haubner12/08/11
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Windows Phone Silverlight Animation for Beginners

Today I read something very cool. Even for beginners like me it is relatively easy to use animations in an application. To see how, I quickly created a new project with just a text block. Then I located the TextBlock element in the XAML view and replaced...

John Esposito12/07/11
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Rapidly Slash UI Dev Time (and Seriously Increase Performance) with KendoUI

Every new web technology should improve either user or developer experience, or ideally both. But even if the technologies do both of these things, finding and stitching together the right tech to use -- let alone libraries, especially in the colossal thicket...

Mitch Pronschinske12/07/11
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Windows Store: More Flexible than Apple, and a 80/20 Revenue Split Over $25K

Microsoft just gained a major competitive edge for its Windows Phone and upcoming Windows 8 platform.  I'm guessing that Google and Apple will now have to think about adopting similar changes that were announced today for Microsoft's upcoming "Windows...