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Chris Smith02/24/12
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Mobile Royal Rumble: Mozilla and LG Enter the Ring vs. Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft

The news is building in anticipation of the upcoming Mobile World Congress, and so far, it looks like Mozilla just might take the cake. Rumors are flying that they have teamed up with (at least) one partner to produce a developer-oriented mobile device...

Joe Miller02/24/12
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Network Link Conditioner in Xcode 4.1, Lion

Apple includes a new prefPane in Xcode 4.1 and Lion called “Network Link Conditioner” that simplifies network simulation, and even includes a few profiles to get you started. Pretty cool feature. Especially useful for iOS developers.

Mikael Koskinen02/24/12
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Async CTP: Fixing the Installation Problem

Mikael Koskinen discovered that Async CTP worked with Windows Phone 7, thanks to a good introductory piece by Kevin Ashley. In this article, Mikael provides a quick tutorial on how to get the Async CTP installed.

Andrea Haubner02/23/12
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MarketplaceReviewTask and MarketplaceSearchTask

Andrea Haubner explains how Windows Phone applications cannot directly access other applications, such as phone calls or messaging. She discusses the reasons behind this, and how she created two buttons to allow her users to rate and/or review her application from within the application.

Chris Smith02/23/12
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Making Money with Windows Phone 7 Applications

When you designed and developed a Windows Phone application, you just took the first steps into the full life cycle of a mobile application. The next important step is publishing and marketing your application, while keeping a monetization model in mind. This session will cover all of those topics.

Roger Hughes02/23/12
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Isn't Java a Civilised Language?

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to learn iOS programming. My current boss decided that I was more of a ‘computer scientist’ rather than a developer, which I thought was a nice compliment, and this meant that I could apply my knowledge to developing an iPad application or two - all I’d need to do was to learn Objective-C and the iOS SDK: how hard can it be?

Maarten Struys02/22/12
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EvenTiles from Start to Finish - Part 14

Maarten Struys continues his series on developing a Windows Phone application from start to finish. In this episode, he discusses how to make use of IsolatedStorage to pass data from the application to the PeriodicTask.

Chris Smith02/22/12
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Get to Windows Phone Mango #2: Adding FAS to XNA

Larry Lieberman continues this series on Windows Phone Mango development, and in this episode, discusses how to utilize the Silverlight paging model to very easily create a 'pause' screen, that users will get when they return to the application, after having navigated away.

Alessandro Giorgetti02/22/12
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Getting Started with Windows Phone 7 Unit Testing

Alessandro Giorgetti explains how to successfully setup a Windows Phone 7 Unit Testing project using the NuGet Package Manager extension for Visual Studio 2010.

John Esposito02/22/12
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Analysis: HTML5 on Mobile

Last week FierceDeveloper's Peggy Albright posted an interesting discussion of recent Evans Data surveys on HTML5 adoption by mobile developers. This article summarizes her results, and re-opens the conversation on where the mobile development world falls on the road to 'write once, run anywhere' nirvana.

Raymond Camden02/22/12
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Make your Android PhoneGap app less scary

For folks who are used to doing native Android development, this is old news, but for folks who may be new to it and coming from a PhoneGap perspective, I wanted to share a quick tip with you to help make your apps a bit less "scary" for your users. What am I talking about? Whenever you install an Android application, the device checks the app's descriptor file to see what permissions the app needs to run. By default, a PhoneGap Android app will simply have them all enabled.

Chris Smith02/22/12
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Windows Phone Localization

In this session we’ll explore the best practices for localizing your app. We’ll cover the basics for localizing apps as well as app titles and live tiles. We’ll also cover various services and tools that can get you started faster and refine your localization.

Chris Smith02/21/12
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Can Your Phone Survive MACH 5?

What would happen to your phone if you strapped it to a jet doing MACH 5?  Well according to this short video, if it's a Nokia Lumia 800, it would survive.Can...

Jerry Nixon02/21/12
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Windows Phone: A GPS-enabled Phone App in 5 minutes!

Jerry Nixon provides another great tutorial for Windows Phone Application creation, this time, using the GPS.

Daniel Egan02/21/12
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Reducing the Load with Phone Gap for Windows Phone

Daniel Egan continues his tutorial series on Phone Gap application development for Windows Phone. In this post, Daniel discusses the the issues of the Phone Gap dll contained in the GapLib folder and how to get around them.