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John Esposito02/22/12
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Analysis: HTML5 on Mobile

Last week FierceDeveloper's Peggy Albright posted an interesting discussion of recent Evans Data surveys on HTML5 adoption by mobile developers. This article summarizes her results, and re-opens the conversation on where the mobile development world falls on the road to 'write once, run anywhere' nirvana.

Raymond Camden02/22/12
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Make your Android PhoneGap app less scary

For folks who are used to doing native Android development, this is old news, but for folks who may be new to it and coming from a PhoneGap perspective, I wanted to share a quick tip with you to help make your apps a bit less "scary" for your users. What am I talking about? Whenever you install an Android application, the device checks the app's descriptor file to see what permissions the app needs to run. By default, a PhoneGap Android app will simply have them all enabled.

Chris Smith02/22/12
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Windows Phone Localization

In this session we’ll explore the best practices for localizing your app. We’ll cover the basics for localizing apps as well as app titles and live tiles. We’ll also cover various services and tools that can get you started faster and refine your localization.

Chris Smith02/21/12
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Can Your Phone Survive MACH 5?

What would happen to your phone if you strapped it to a jet doing MACH 5?  Well according to this short video, if it's a Nokia Lumia 800, it would survive.Can...

Jerry Nixon02/21/12
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Windows Phone: A GPS-enabled Phone App in 5 minutes!

Jerry Nixon provides another great tutorial for Windows Phone Application creation, this time, using the GPS.

Daniel Egan02/21/12
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Reducing the Load with Phone Gap for Windows Phone

Daniel Egan continues his tutorial series on Phone Gap application development for Windows Phone. In this post, Daniel discusses the the issues of the Phone Gap dll contained in the GapLib folder and how to get around them.

Chris Smith02/21/12
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Windows Phone 7 XNA Game Tutorial Ep 5

In this fifth tutorial video about how to create a Windows Phone 7 game, I teach you how to draw primitive shapes to the screen, and create our first...

Alex Curylo02/20/12
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Designing for Privacy

So as you’ve no doubt heard by now from all over, the furor du jour is that apps have a habit of broadcasting your contact data. All cynicism aside, there are a couple takeaways from this pother for the app developer who wants to avoid negative attention.

Chris Smith02/20/12
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Windows Phone Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

David Crawford, User Experience Consultant at Microsoft, discusses the most common design hurdles facing Windows Phone developers, and provides tips and...

Mikael Koskinen02/20/12
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Windows Phone 7 Sockets: Debugging

This is part IV of a tutorial series which will describe the WP7’s sockets-support from a developer’s perspective. This part of the series will focus on debugging sockets.

Jorge Ramon02/20/12
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How to Create a Sencha Touch 2 App: Part 1

In this series we will create the Sencha Touch 2 version of the Notes Application, and along the way, we will dive into: The building blocks of a Sencha Touch application, implementing navigation in an application with multiple views, editing data using Sencha Touch form elements, and how Sencha Touch stores data with HTML5 local storage.

Maarten Struys02/20/12
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EvenTiles from Start to Finish - Part 13

Maarten Struys continues his series on developing a Windows Phone application from start to finish. In this episode, he discusses how an application can communicate with its PeriodicTask.

Chris Smith02/20/12
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Re-Using 90% of the Original Code to Port from Windows Phone 7 to Windows 8

Rick Waldon, developer of the AlphaDrops game for Windows Phone, posted this video recently demonstrating his port of the game from Windows Phone 7 to Windows...

Robert Diana02/20/12
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Traditional Programming Language Job Trends: February 2012

Rob Diana presents his detailed survey of job trends (based on indeed.com and simplyhired.com) for Java, Perl, C++, C#, Objective C, and Visual Basic.

Chris Smith02/19/12
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Get to Windows Phone Mango #1: From XNA to SLXNA

Larry Lieberman introduces this series on Windows Phone Mango development, and in this episode, discusses how to take an existing XNA game and modify it to leverage the new Silverlight/XNA integration enabled by Windows Phone Mango.