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Jerry Nixon02/14/12
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Windows Phone: Use Location Services AND get Certified!

Jerry Nixon uses his Microsoft expertise to explain how to avoid rejection from the Windows Phone Marketplace while still using location data in your app.

Dhananjay Kumar02/13/12
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Using the ConnectionSettings Task for Windows Phone

Dhananjay Kumar provides some simple code snippets to change the Connection Settings for Windows Phone to Wifi, Bluetooth, Cellular, or Airplane Mode.

Chris Smith02/13/12
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Windows Phone 7 XNA Game Tutorial Ep 2

In this second tutorial video (Episode 1 Available Here) about how to create a Windows Phone 7 game, we start the basics of our game MangoLander - the...

Juhani Lehtimaki02/13/12
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Google Chrome for Android's Bezel Swipe: A Solution to Pan and Swipe Confusion?

Juhani Lehtimaki talks about Google Chrome for Android's Bezel Swipe gesture, and how it may be the solution to pan and swipe confusion on current Android browsers. Lehtimaki discusses the origin of the pan and swipe issue, as well as the difficulties of introducing a new gesture to mobile device users.

Cedric Beust02/13/12
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The only sure way to lose is not to play

Google’s recent letter to the IEEE about their position on the current lawsuits between Motorola Mobility and Apple seems to spark some outrage across the mobile land. And I’m puzzled.

Maarten Struys02/13/12
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EvenTiles from Start to Finish - Part 10

Maarten Struys continues his series on developing a Windows Phone app from start to finish. In this episode of EvenTiles you will learn how to add background processing to a Windows Phone application by means of a PeriodicTask.

Jerry Nixon02/13/12
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Mango Sample: A Cloud-based Phone App in 5 Minutes!

Jerry Nixon shows you how to create a Cloud-based Phone App in 5 minutes and 6 easy steps!

Amit Saha02/12/12
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Exploring App Inventor

I have been exploring App Inventor since a month starting with writing an article for Linux Journal. During this time, App Inventor has been shut down by Google, and handed over to MIT to carry on the development of the software. This transition phase has been quite interesting personally. From just being a consumer of the service, I have had the opportunity to play around with hosting the service – i.e. running an AI service on Google App Engine, which anyone can use.

Michael Crump02/12/12
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Retrieving a WebPage Title and Sharing it with the ShareLink in Windows Phone

Michael Crump's walk through on how to retrieve a webpage title and then share it using the ShareLink feature on Windows Phone requires only 11 lines of code.

Henry Lee02/11/12
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Creating Smoke Using Frame Based Animations in Windows Phone

Henry Lee's tutorial on creating smoke for a Windows Phone application breaks down the Smoke's behaviors and how to handle them in Windows Phone, as well as instructions for creating "per-frame smoke" and how to change the smoke properties for each frame.

Jeff Blankenburg02/10/12
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Windows Phone or Business Card: Can't it be both?

Developer Evangelist Jeff Blankenburg came up with a great idea when designing his new business cards: make them look like a Windows Phone! Jeff provides his templates in both Expression Design and Adobe Illustrator formats.

Swizec Teller02/10/12
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Top 10 iPhone Apps for Web Designers

Ten iPhone Apps that no web designer can be without.

Chris Smith02/10/12
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IE Blog Tries to Make Case for Metro-Style Apps

The IE10 Developer Team is making some waves with a recent blog post comparing the performance of browsers running HTML5 content. While the comparison does highlight the impressive performance parity of IE10 and Win8 HTML-based apps, some developers feel it goes out of its way to make iOS Apps look bad. What do you think?

Francesco De Vittori02/10/12
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Resetting Idle Detection Countdown in Windows Phone

Francesco De Vittori provides a detailed tutorial on how to use accelerometer events to reset the screen-saver countdown for Windows Phone applications that have limited to no user input for extended periods of time.

Matt Lacey02/10/12
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So I Was Wrong: Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Will Share Core

Matt Lacey provides his insight on the recent announcement that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will share the Windows NT kernel.