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Maarten Struys02/06/12
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EvenTiles from Start to Finish - Part 7

Maarten Struys continues his series on developing a Windows Phone app from start to finish. In this post, he covers how to use Fast Application Switching and Tombstoning.

Den D.02/06/12
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Sending text messages from a Dell Venue Pro. Directly from the app and without SmsComposerTask.

In this article I am showing how it is possible to use AT commands on a Dell Venue Pro to send SMS messages directly through the device's modem, avoiding SmsComposerTask.

Den D.02/05/12
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GIF to JPEG for Windows Phone 7 - via a WCF service

In this article I am showing how it is possible to use a WCF service to send GIF pictures to a Windows Phone device.

Dhananjay Kumar02/05/12
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WebBrowserTask and MediaPlayerLauncher in Windows Phone

This article introduces you to MediaLauncherTask and WebBrowserTask, that allow you to interact with Windows Phone's media library and Internet Explorer accordingly.

Lohith Nagaraj02/05/12
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Windows Phone 7 Development Best Practices – Project Separations

This article introduces readers to the concept of separation of concerns in the context of a Windows Phone application.

Juhani Lehtimaki02/05/12
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The Best Default Setting is not to Have a Setting

It is easy to think that letting users change all aspects of an app UI makes the UI better. We've all heard the "if they don't like it they can change it" argument. It is also very easy to come up with theoretical scenarios where users would actually want to change any one aspects of the UI.

Christophe Geers02/05/12
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Programming Windows Phone 7.5 Part 2: Icons

Christopher Geers continues his series on Programming for Windows Phone 7.5. This post talks about the creation of Icons for your Windows Phone app.

Tony Siciliani02/04/12
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Using the Android Parcel

A short definition of an Android Parcel would be that of a message container for lightweight, high-performance Inter-process communication (IPC).

Den D.02/04/12
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A tale of re-usablity - refactoring MangoTree parts

In this article I discuss some re-usability ideas and conclusions I reached while working on MangoTree - a Twitter client for Windows Phone.

Dhananjay Kumar02/04/12
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Accessing Pictures from Media Library in Windows Phone

You may come across a requirement to access the entire picture saved in Media Library of Windows Phone. Media Library can be accessed using the MediaLibrary class and this article shows you how to do it.

Maarten Struys02/04/12
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EvenTiles from Start to Finish - Part 6

Maarten Struys continues his series on developing a Windows Phone app from start to finish. This post will cover exploring the Isolated Storage Explorer Tool.

Austin Kowitz02/03/12
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DZone's Different!

Hello DZoners!My name is Austin Kowitz and I’m a graphic designer at DZone. And you can mostly blame (praise?) me and DZone developer, Ross Jernigan, for what you see currently at DZone. We still have tons of ideas we haven't implemented yet -- but we're...

Prasant Lokinendi02/03/12
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BREAKING: Windows Phone 8 to Kick It Old School With NT Kernel

Rumor has become reality ladies and gentlemen. It looks like Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Phone 8 will use the NT kernel. Thanks to an earlier video leak about WP8 on Nokia, the folks at Redmond have spilled the beans on their upcoming 'Apollo' Release of their mobile OS.

Ed Spencer02/03/12
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The Class System in Sencha Touch 2

Sencha Touch 1 used the class system from Ext JS 3, which provides a simple but powerful inheritance system that makes it easier to write big complex things like applications and frameworks. Sencha Touch 2 takes Ext JS 4’s much more advanced class system and used it to create a leaner, cleaner and more beautiful framework.

Rabeb Othmani02/03/12
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Using SkyDrive in your Windows Phone applications: Part 2

Have you ever wondered how you can connect your Windows Phone application to SkyDrive and list the folders associated with a Live account? This article shows how to accomplish this in a number of basic steps.