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John Esposito11/21/11
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Video: The Future is Native

A number of prominent front-end developers delivered helpful talks at this year's Fronteers 2011 conference in Amsterdam.In this (provocatively titled) video, Aral Balkan offers a series of radical suggestions on how UI considerations -- or, better, the...

Jevgeni Tšaikin11/20/11
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Injecting ViewModels to Views using a custom ViewModelLocator in Windows Phone

In one of my previous posts (IoC for Windows Phone: Ninject I have shown a simple IoC and DI tutorial using Ninject. In this tutorial will be based on previously developed code and extended that with a custom ViewModelLocator to bind ViewModels directly to...

Mitch Pronschinske11/20/11
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The BEPUphysics Library (for Windows, XBox and WP7)

A good physics engine can help a lot if you're creating a game or some app that involves some natural look and feel to it.  The BEPUphysics is a good bet if you're using a Microsoft game platform (Windows, XBox, Windows Phone).

Daniel Egan11/19/11
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Nokia Developer Program: Tons of New Resources for WPdevs!

In addition to the launch of the Phones from Nokia is the launch of the Nokia Developers Program.  The program includes Tools, Documentation, Code Examples, Videos and a vibrant community to get you on your way.  Head over to the developer site...

Den D.11/19/11
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The haunting of SyndicationFeed

So let’s talk about reading RSS feeds in a .NET application. When someone mentions RSS or Atom, I automatically think of SyndicationFeed as the cornerstone for the solution. Indeed, that’s an acceptable object for most instances. Or is it?

Jevgeni Tšaikin11/19/11
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Build an RSS Reader for Windows Phone 7

In this lesson I will create a simple RSS(Really Simple Syndication) Reader for Windows Phone 7. I will use Linq-To-XML for reading a RSS feed. User interface will contain a Textbox to enter an URL of a RSS Feed and a ListBox element to display results.

John Esposito11/18/11
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jQuery Mobile 1.0 Released

jQuery Mobile 1.0 was released on Wednesday, with all its ambitious goals intact.From the official announcement:To reach the broadest possible audience,  we decided from the start to make the framework work on every popular mobile, tablet, e-reader and...

Jeff Blankenburg11/18/11
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31 Days of Mango | Day #18: Using Sample Data

This article is part of a series called 31 Days of Mango.

Den D.11/18/11
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Successful Windows Phone apps - a story for Microsoft Student Partners

As a Microsoft MVP in Windows Phone Development, I was invited to participate in a training event for Microsoft Student Partners from all over the world. Me, Kelly White and Nicholas Landry had around 15 minutes each to present on a development and...

Jevgeni Tšaikin11/18/11
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Simulating GPS position changes using Reactive Extensions in Windows Phone environment

It has become much easier to simulate GPS position change events having Location tool in Emulator, where you are able to pin positions on a map, but for some Unit Tests and mock services it is important to simulate GPS data programmatically. For this...

Mitch Pronschinske11/18/11
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Building Client Apps for Windows Phone

This webcast will cover how to build a client app for an established website, such as Twitter or Eventbrite. Includes building a simple Eventbrite check-in...

Mitch Pronschinske11/17/11
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Windows Phone WebBrowser Control: Suppress Zoom and Scroll

Why would you ever want to suppress zoom and scroll?  Well, the WebBrowser control lets you view websites within the context of a non-browser application so that you don't end up opening the browser when you just want to peek at something.  In these cases,...

Mitch Pronschinske11/17/11
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Networking with Sockets in Windows Phone

In particular, the parts that resemble what has been shown live are the "Sample.Ntp" project and the implementation of the SNTP client which is...