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Henry Lee02/11/12
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Creating Smoke Using Frame Based Animations in Windows Phone

Henry Lee's tutorial on creating smoke for a Windows Phone application breaks down the Smoke's behaviors and how to handle them in Windows Phone, as well as instructions for creating "per-frame smoke" and how to change the smoke properties for each frame.

Jeff Blankenburg02/10/12
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Windows Phone or Business Card: Can't it be both?

Developer Evangelist Jeff Blankenburg came up with a great idea when designing his new business cards: make them look like a Windows Phone! Jeff provides his templates in both Expression Design and Adobe Illustrator formats.

Swizec Teller02/10/12
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Top 10 iPhone Apps for Web Designers

Ten iPhone Apps that no web designer can be without.

Chris Smith02/10/12
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IE Blog Tries to Make Case for Metro-Style Apps

The IE10 Developer Team is making some waves with a recent blog post comparing the performance of browsers running HTML5 content. While the comparison does highlight the impressive performance parity of IE10 and Win8 HTML-based apps, some developers feel it goes out of its way to make iOS Apps look bad. What do you think?

Francesco De Vittori02/10/12
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Resetting Idle Detection Countdown in Windows Phone

Francesco De Vittori provides a detailed tutorial on how to use accelerometer events to reset the screen-saver countdown for Windows Phone applications that have limited to no user input for extended periods of time.

Matt Lacey02/10/12
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So I Was Wrong: Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Will Share Core

Matt Lacey provides his insight on the recent announcement that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will share the Windows NT kernel.

Maarten Struys02/09/12
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EvenTiles from Start to Finish - Part 9

Maarten Struys continues his series on developing a Windows Phone app from start to finish. In this post, he talks about adding a Secondary Tile to the application.

Jerry Nixon02/09/12
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Give Your Windows Phone App the Finger!

Jerry Nixon provides a great link to an article written by colleague Sam Stokes, and also offers his own take on the task of dragging items in Windows Phone.

Dhananjay Kumar02/09/12
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Save Camera Captures in Media Library for Windows Phone

This simple tutorial will show you how to save pictures taken with your camera phone directly to the Media Library to help save storage space on your Windows Phone.

Maximiliano Firtman02/08/12
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Detailed Overview of Chrome for Android

It’s that time of the year again when the mobile web ecosystem changes. Google Chrome Beta for Android was released and it appears as the future replacement of Android Browser. I’ve made a deep analysis on the browser HTML5 compatibility and the comparison with Safari on iOS and Android Browser and I’ll show in this post my results.

Tony Siciliani02/08/12
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Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL) and Remote Service

To allow one application to communicate with another running in a different process, Android provides an implementation of Inter-Process Communication through the Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL).

Maarten Struys02/08/12
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EvenTiles from Start to Finish - Part 8

Maarten Struys continues his series on developing a Windows Phone app from start to finish. This post continues his previous discussion of Fast Application Switching and Tombstoning by trying to exactly restore a page after the application returns from the background.

Alessandro Giorgetti02/08/12
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Cut the Cable: Configuring WebMatrix/IIS Express to work with WP7 on Windows 7

After growing tired of having his WP7 device connected to the USB cable in order to surf websites and use services hosted on his development machine, Giorgetti Alessandro decided to find a better way. In this post, he'll take you step-by-step through this process using only IIS Express/WebMatrix and his WP7 device.

Francesco De Vittori02/08/12
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Correcting Pinch Zoom in Silverlight for Windows Phone

Pinch zooming is one of those things that look incredibly simple until you actually try to implement them. At that point you realize it hides quite a number of intricacies that make it hard to get it right. If you tried to implement pinch zooming in Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 you probably know what I’m talking about.

Eric Genesky02/07/12
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LibreOffice to Go Mobile

Michael Meeks suggests how cross-platform code sharing and other innovative features will set the mobile/cloud version of LibreOffice apart from its predecessors and competitors.