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Mitch Pronschinske11/09/11
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No Silverlight 6? Whispers of Silverlight's Demise Persist

Similar to the news we're now hearing about the end of Flash Player support for mobile devices, there are sources around Microsoft that are saying Silverlight 5 will be the last version.  There have been no roadmaps or plans for Silverlight 6 released at...

John Esposito11/09/11
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iOS 5 Does HTML5 Brilliantly

If you're developing for iOS, you're probably particularly interested in how iOS handles HTML5.Even if you love Flash, you might want to think about redirecting some of that affection, given today's news from Adobe. Good news for iOS developers, though: iOS 5...

Eric Berg11/09/11
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BlackBerry Outage Lessons Apply to the Cloud, Too

In case you missed it, Research in Motion (RIM) suffered a crippling outage last month that has affected BlackBerry customers across five continents.

John Esposito11/09/11
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BIG NEWS: Adobe Stops Developing Flash Player for Mobile Browsers

Adobe will no longer develop Flash Player for the browser on mobile devices. Following a report by ZDNet last night, Adobe posted an official announcement this morning. Here's the gist, straight from Adobe's post (emphasis added):

Jeff Blankenburg11/09/11
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31 Days of Mango | Day #9: Calendar API

This article is Day #9 in a series called 31 Days of Mango.

Andy Beaulieu11/09/11
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Physics Games: Multi-targeting Windows 8 + Windows Phone 7

Ever since Windows 8 and it's Metro interface was revealed, developers have been wondering how easy or difficult it will be to faithfully port a previously developed Windows Phone app to Windows 8.  This tutorial, authored by Andy Beaulieu, on porting some...

Jeff Blankenburg11/08/11
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31 Days of Mango | Day #8: Contacts API

This article is Day #8 in a series called 31 Days of Mango. If you would like to try the application I cover in the article on your device, you can download it from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Mitch Pronschinske11/08/11
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Bing For Mobile Powered By HTML5 On Windows Phone

It looks like Bing has decided to favor HTML5 cross-compatibility over creating a native app for Windows Phone and other mobile operating systems.  The video...

Mitch Pronschinske11/08/11
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Early HTML5-based Windows Phone 7 App Review

The alleged first HTML5 based app that was accepted into the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is called Property Finder, a simple application that searches for properties based in the UK.  Colin Eberhardt, the author, just received confirmation of this today and...

Jeff Blankenburg11/08/11
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31 Days of Mango | Day #7: Raw Camera Data

This article is Day #7 in a series called 31 Days of Mango.

Senthil Kumar11/07/11
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How to Load Image that is set as Embedded Resource in BuildAction in Windows Phone

In one of my previous posts, I explained how to load the Image that is Set as Resource in Build Action . In this blog post, I will provide you a sample that loads the image which is set as “Embedded Resource” in Windows Phone using the Assembly’s...

Senthil Kumar11/07/11
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Convert your Windows 7 UI to Metro UI with Windows Phone Mango Skin Pack

Anxious to get the Windows 8 Metro experience on your Windows 7 OS?  Well take a look at this skinning pack: What is Metro UI ? Wikipedia states that “Metro is an internal code name for a typography-based design language created by Microsoft, originally...

Jeff Blankenburg11/07/11
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31 Days of Mango | Day #6: Motion

This article is Day #6 in a series called the 31 Days of Mango. Today, we are going to take all of the information we learned over the past two days, and make it much easier to manage by using the Motion class.  The Motion class is a combination of the...

Den D.11/07/11
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Achievement unlocked: Windows Phone 7 and WireShark combo

I was curious about possible ways to see what my Windows Phone 7 handset is actually doing whenever I am opening an application or service. Not that I am interested in getting the actual process behind specific actions but rather seeing the web services...