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Andrea Haubner12/30/11
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WP7 Silverlight Layout Controls: Canvas Element

There are three Controls used for Layout in Silverlight. Grid, StackPanel and Canvas. The Canvas Control Silverlight provides a Canvas element that can be used to group related content. The Canvas element  can have children nested inside of it. It’s...

Jerry Nixon12/30/11
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Windows Phone Mango Sample: Detect Theme

Writing Windows Phone applications is tricky when users switch between the light and dark phone themes. The light theme is a white background, the dark is black. If your images are white on black, users in the light theme will think your application looks...

Punit Ganshani12/30/11
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Windows Phone FAIL: Tips for Apps that Fail MS Certification

Having one application fail to receive Microsoft Certification, I've compiled some of the testing notes recieved from Microsoft for testing applications that use a Network Connection. Requirements The application must run on any Windows Phone 7 device,...

Simon Jackson12/29/11
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The XNA 2D “from the ground up” tutorial series

Some time ago when I first started posting on XNA-UK (not my first posts ever, just when I joined XNA-UK), I focused on a very detailed 2D game development series. It started with an original 2D tutorial series that was based on C# and DirectX run by the...

Jerry Nixon12/29/11
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Windows Phone Mango Sample: Exit Application

In a WPF application you say App.Exit() and your application terminates. It’s not so simple in Windows Phone. Since there is no Exit() method – it’s hard to know what to do. I’ll assumption there are valid reasons to exit your application. One...

Den D.12/29/11
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Addition to the Coding4Fun Toolkit - MetroFlow

Today Clint Rutkas announced about some additional work he has done on the Coding4Fun Toolkit for Windows Phone. One of the additions was the MetroFlow control, that allows the developer to display a short data collection that contains images and labels in a...

Jevgeni Tšaikin12/28/11
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GoBack vs. Navigate method in Windows Phone

Recently I have noticed that not many Windows Phone 7 developers know the difference between NavigationService.GoBack() method and NavigationService.Navigate(..Uri..) method (in case it leads to the previous page). I will explain the main difference in...

Tim Dams12/28/11
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Learning to cook with WP 7.5 data (a book review)

Recently I received a review copy of the “Windows Phone 7.5 Data Cookbook” by Ramesh Thalli from Packt Publishing (ISBN 978-1-84969-122-2). This book, divided in 8 chapters, shows how simple it is to write data-driven programs WP7 applications. ...

Jerry Nixon12/28/11
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Windows Phone Mango Sample: Chart Data

This article is about adding charts to Windows Phone applications. But I wanted to start by acknowledging that Component Art has wonderful data visualization controls for Windows Phone. I will focus this article on a free option. So you want charts? Well, try...

Mikael Koskinen12/28/11
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WP7 Performance tips: Monitoring the memory usage

Out of the box the WP7 emulator offers a way to monitor some performance aspects of a WP7 app by providing the following counters: Render thread FPSUser interface FPSTexture memory usageSurface counterIntermediate texture countScreen fill rate The ...

Alex Kizub12/27/11
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Connect pictures on Android (Jigsaw puzzle example)

Few tips how to make pictures on Android more realistic and connect to each other smoothly.

Robert Diana12/27/11
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A Look Back And A Look Ahead At 2012

As the year comes to a close, everyone is posting predictions about the new year as well as reviewing their predictions from the prior year. Here at Regular Geek, I would like to look at the trends to determine what changed things and what trends we should...

Pieter De Rycke12/27/11
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My Top Frameworks for Windows Phone Development

A couple of days ago, I have released the first version of my free open source WP7 application “Cloud Fox” to the windows phone market place. It allows Windows Phone 7 users to synchronize their FireFox bookmarks, history and open tabs with their mobile...

Simon Jackson12/27/11
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Silverlight & XNA - A Tale of Two Cities

As was the story not long ago, devs would look at the image above and see a Silverlight app, it looks like an image overlaid by a text control with another texture of a persons head, nothing too fancy about that. But now thanks to the World of Mango...

Mikael Koskinen12/27/11
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Windows Phone: Deep linking and the back button

Windows Phone Mango adds the ability to create secondary tiles for your applications. We have recently upgraded most of our applications to the Mango and in doing so, few of our apps now allow users to add “deep links” to the Start menu, in the form of...