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Jeff Blankenburg10/31/11
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31 Days of Mango

Get ready for Jeff Blankenburg's next 31-part series on Windows Phone.  Starting this week, we should be seeing some posts on his 31 days of using the Mango release of Windows Phone.Welcome to the 31 Days of Mango, a series of articles which will focus on...

Mitch Pronschinske10/31/11
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Why it's Easier to Develop for Windows Phone than iOS

According to former Valve developer Mike Dussault, Microsoft's toolchain for developing Windows Phone applications is way better than Apple's XCode toolchain.  In fact, he says he developed his hit iOS app, Morfo, for Windows Phone first and then converted...

Den D.10/31/11
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Custom accelerometer motions for the Windows Phone emulator

The new Windows Phone Mango SDK introduced a testing tool, that is tied to the device emulator, allowing developers to simulate location data and readings from the accelerometer sensor (now it also allows taking screenshots). This tool has a pre-set...

Den D.10/30/11
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Looking for Windows Phone service codes

I was looking to find out the possible service codes for my HTC Windows Phone device and I found an obvious trend – not every code used on other platforms (even from the same manufacturer) will be supported on Windows Phone. More than that, the same...

Mitch Pronschinske10/30/11
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10 Reasons to Develop For Windows Phone, and 5 Concerns

A great advice/perspective post about the advantages and disadvantages of developing for Windows Phone was published this week on the Silverlight Rumblings blog by Kelly White.  He had ten, well-reasoned explanations of Windows Phone ecosystem aspects that...

Mitch Pronschinske10/29/11
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Coding a Windows Phone Loading Animation Overlay

We've found just the code you'll need to have the slick looking Windows Phone loading animation on your application.  The code is over at bugail.com.  Here's a look at the specifics of the example. There are two types of process indicator:

Mitch Pronschinske10/29/11
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Nokia Shows Some Dev-Love: 25k Free Lumia 800's

Along with the announcement of their first Windows Phone handset, the Lumia 800, Nokia also continued the spirit of Microsoft's strong developer relationship by revealing their program to get 25,000 Lumia 800s into the hands of beta testing developers.No...

John Esposito10/28/11
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Video: Kinect + Windows Phone 7.5: why not?

In this long but intriguing video, Kevin Wolf marries two neat Microsoft technologies (Kinect and Mango) to create something you never might have imagined: a stationary device tracking a moving person transmitting three-dimensional data to another person...

Henry Lee10/28/11
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Custom Versioning Strategy on TFS 2010 for Windows Phone

Read this tutorial that shows you how to implement the major.minor.build.revision format in Team Foundation Server while developing Windows Phone apps.Recently, I started to build many Windows Phone 7 applications and I decided to take the next step and...

Axel Rauschmayer10/28/11
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Mobile apps – dead within three years?

On 2011-09-08, Seth Sternberg, CEO of Meebo made a bold prediction: Prediction: Mobile apps are dead in 3 yrs - mobile web wins. Faster cloud connection and faster chips. PCs all over again. Implications?

Benjamin Laffont10/28/11
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Silverlight Architecture Feedback

Thanks to Devoteam Luxembourg, I am actually setting up a Silverlight architecture, but it was not my first practice... I have already setup Silverlight architectures over a service layer. In most cases, I found some great shortcuts, some tips about what can...

Mitch Pronschinske10/27/11
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Windows Phone 7.5 Programming in C#

The Windows Phone Programming in C# Faculty Resources by Rob Miles has recently been updated at Microsoft's faculty resource center.  Here are the sections that are now updated for Windows Phone 7.5 (7.1 OS)... and a made up book cover:

Mitch Pronschinske10/27/11
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Silverlight Navigation Framework XAML Escape Sequence

The XAML escape sequence and the navigation framework for Silverlight 4 and Silverlight 5 is discussed in a quick and useful tutorial by Alex van Beek.  He discusses a common scenario when using the navigation framework:When you use the navigation framework...

Mitch Pronschinske10/27/11
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App Profile Control Code for Windows Phone

Need to make a profile page feature in your next Windows Phone app?  Well, Alex Yakhnin got tired of recoding this functionality for his apps so he a control called 'ProfileItem' that is available for implementation in your own apps.  Take a look at this...

John Esposito10/27/11
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The (almost) simplicity of Websockets and the mobile web

On a somewhat more feet-on-the-ground note than my last WebSockets post, Dominique Guinard on Web of Things discusses how WebSockets can be used right now. In his own words: