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Ted Neward01/26/12
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Is Programming Less Exciting Today?

As discriminatory as this is going to sound, this one is for the old-timers. If you started programming after the turn of the milennium, I don’t know if you’re going to be able to follow the trend of this post—not out of any serious deficiency on...

Avi Yehuda01/26/12
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Custom Animation for Android

Android developers web site provide you with 2 predefined animation techniques which you can use in your applications - Tween animation and frame animation.  They are super easy to implement and work quite nice.

Maarten Struys01/26/12
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Every Windows Phone application deserves Live Tiles (part 4)

My previous post about Live Tiles showed you how you can use a PeriodicTask to update your Application’s Live Tile periodically from inside the phone. Now we are going to move a little beyond Application Tiles and move towards Secondary Tiles.

Chris Smith01/25/12
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Rumors Persist: Will Windows Phone 8 use Windows 8 Kernel?

The keyword here is rumors (because at this point that's all they are) but as you may have heard, the Windows Phone 8 OS (aka 'Apollo') may very well be based on the Windows NT kernel as opposed to Windows Phone 7 OS which is currently based on the Windows CE...

Jerry Nixon01/25/12
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Windows Phone Mango Sample: Portable Assemblies

Windows Phone Applications are written in Silverlight (or XNA). Considerations for Silverlight impact Windows Phone developers. The Problem Many developers and organizations have existing libraries (assemblies) used in their desktop solutions. Object...

Andrea Haubner01/25/12
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Navigating and Passing Data Between XAML Pages with Windows Phone

Up to this point I’ve only used a single XAML page for my examples. Most applications though do have more than one page. So, it’s time to take a look at how to navigate through more than one XAML pages in a Silverlight Phone application.

Tim Dams01/25/12
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Creating a Windows Phone App: caching urls problem

After two weeks of programming I can finally state that my first Windows Phone 7 application is 100% functional and ready. Now it only needs to go through the marketplace certification tests and then I’ll be the proud owner of an official WP7 app.The...

Maarten Struys01/25/12
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Every Windows Phone Application Deserves a Tile (Part 3)

My previous post about Live Tiles showed you how to update the back side of the Application Tile inside an application. The big drawback of this approach is that your tile will only be updated as a result of your application being executed. Depending on...

Daniel Egan01/25/12
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What IS 4G?

As I talk to phone owners I find it funny when people talk about 3G 4G etc… I ask them if they know what they mean and most of them say no… but they...

Juhani Lehtimaki01/25/12
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Best Design Tools for Android

Which are the best tools for designing for Android? I have my favorites but I'd really love to hear about tools you use and your experiences with them. Please leave a comment! To kick of the conversation I'll present my favorite design tools. Both of...

Alex Curylo01/25/12
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Ad Hoc + Crash Reporting with iOS

So it’s been quite a while since we last surveyed the state of ad hoc distribution, and even longer since we made any notes about crash reporters — remember when CrashReportSender was a massive novelty? Ah, how the time does fly — but the progress in...

John Blanco01/24/12
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iOS Brownbag: Views vs. Layers

For many iOS developers, layers are a lower-level, complex version of the UIView. In reality, it’s the UIView which is a thin layer on top of CALayer. Unfortuntely, 95% of the iOS books and documentation out there talk almost exclusively about the...

Maarten Struys01/24/12
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Every Windows Phone application deserves a Live Tile (part 2)

My previous post about Live Tiles showed you how to use both sides of the Application Tile in Windows Phone Mango and how to initialize it in the WMAppManifest.xml file. You also learned how to add local language support. Now we will focus on how to update...

Juhani Lehtimaki01/24/12
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Hands on Open Source Android UI Libraries

In a previous post I listed some free UI libraries. In this one I'll take a look at example applications.

Daniel Mohl01/23/12
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Making F# Windows Phone Development a Little Easier

About a month ago, I announced that most of the existing F# project templates on Visual Studio Gallery had been updated to include support for Visual Studio 11.