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Nigel Parker01/18/12
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Make Your HTML5 Video Play on Mobile Devices

When I’m asked by web developers how they can get started with HTML5 Video, I ask them, “Why? What are you trying to solve?”Almost every time, I hear, “I just want my video to work on mobile devices.”Easy.I’ll show you how to get started.

Chris Smith01/18/12
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20 Hours Window Phone 7 Training FREE

Mister Goodcat (aka Peter Kuhn) is a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer with multiple certifications including Windows Phone 7 Development.  Kuhn had previously released individual parts of his Windows Phone 7 Training series, but has now...

John Esposito01/18/12
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DZone Top Article of 2011: Ask DZ - What's the best programming advice you've ever got?

For example, Travis Griggs' blog post explains some of the best OOP advice he ever received.What is the best piece of advice anyone ever gave you, and why it was so good? Maybe include some particular projects the advice helped you with, or how the advice...

Oriel Velasco01/18/12
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Offshore Development - Getting The Right Backing Up With

It is difficult for all companies to have the right backing up all the time, usually it is important for a company to concentrate on their core services so that others can take care of the other services. This is why Offshore Development has become so popular...

Jerry Nixon01/18/12
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Windows Phone Mango Sample: Async Work

Asynchronous operations are important if you don't want your users to rip their hair out while using your app.  That's why we've got, not one, but two ways for you to make your Windows Phone app operations asynchronous - the  Event Pattern (with safe...

Juhani Lehtimaki01/18/12
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Back Button - Android's Achilles' Heel?

All Android phones must have a back button for the

Mikael Koskinen01/17/12
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Windows Phone Performance tips: Monitoring the memory usage

The default Windows Phone emulator offers plenty of ways to monitor your application's performance, but in this quick tip you'll learn how to monitor the total memory usage of your application when your emulator can't.Out of the box the WP7 emulator offers a...

Jerry Nixon01/17/12
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Windows Phone Mango Samples: SQL Toolbox

In recent posts I discussed two ways to add a local database to your Windows Phone applications. 

Andrea Haubner01/17/12
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The Image Control for Silverlight Windows Phone Apps

The Image Control allows me to display images in my Silverlight Windows Phone 7 application. To have a first closer look at this control I just created a new project and dragged an Image Control to my main form. In my properties window I have a little...

Daniel Schneller01/17/12
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Removing Xcode 3 shared build settings from Xcode 4

This is about me getting a substantial amount of grey hair over the past couple of days, trying to hunt down a setting that would cause the current version of Xcode 4 to build my iOS projects to an unexpected, but not unfamiliar, taken over from...

Chris Smith01/16/12
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Tizen and bada: The Perfect Marriage?

In a recent interview with Forbes magazine, Senior Vice President of Samsung's Contents Planning Team, Tae-Jin Kang, revealed that a merger between Tizen and Bada is currently in the works.  By integrating the two mobile platforms, Tizen would be able to run...

Jevgeni Tšaikin01/16/12
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Displaying image inside Panorama Title in Windows Phone apps

Although it might seem too obvious, but still many developers and designers forget that top-margin should be equal to 80 for the content inside Panorama Title(in my example bellow Margin=”0,80,0,0″ for Grid element). Bellow is the XAML markup that you...

Den D.01/16/12
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Windows Phone Native Series - Solving "Fatal error LNK1112: module machine type 'ARM' conflicts with target machine type 'X86'"

As I was working on my native wrapper for Windows Phone, I somehow managed to break the build process. Although there were no modification on my side, on invoking the Build command I would get this:

Jorge Ramon01/16/12
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Building a jQuery Mobile Application, Part 4

In this fourth part of my series on how to build a jQuery Mobile application, we are going to complete the following tasks:

Axel Rauschmayer01/16/12
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Samsung to merge its Bada and Tizen mobile operating systems – Intel still on board?

Quoting “Samsung Merging Its Bada OS With Intel-Backed Tizen Project” by Elizabeth Woyke for Forbes [via Ariya Hidayat]: