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Andrea Haubner01/23/12
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Windows Phone Styles and Resources

For this blog entry I am just getting right to the point. I created a new project with just a button and immediately ran it. So I can change the theme in my emulator. I am setting the background to light, and the accent color to brown. I want to find out...

Dan Dyer01/23/12
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Accessing Local Name-Based Virtual Hosts From the Android Emulator

To test mobile versions of websites, it is useful to be able to connect to a web server on your local machine from a web browser on an Android emulator without having to expose the web server to the Internet.  You can’t use the normal loop-back IP...

Tim Murphy01/23/12
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Windows Phone Silverlight: Poor Man's Double-Tap

I have seen a lot of articles about gestures but they require third party libraries or complex coding approaches.  What I am going to present here isn’t strictly elegant or necessarily the best approach, but this is the way we would catch this type of...

Tim Dams01/22/12
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Creating a Windows Phone app: Listbox items of the same width

I love databound listboxes in WP7. I do. I really do. However, every time I come to the part of making a nice template for each item (i.e. shiny ugly orange border, etc.) I fail in having items of equal size. This is usally what I produce:  Resulting in:

Jerry Nixon01/22/12
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Windows Phone Mango Sample: Delete Dramatically with ObservableCollection

In a previous post I walked through the five must-have animations for a Windows Phone application. Since then, some readers have offered a 6th – the “Delete from a List” animation. This animation is also a great opportunity to tout the virtues of the...

Den D.01/21/12
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Beta-testing on Windows Phone - some curious facts

I recently launched a beta-test of the Visual Studio Achievements for Windows Phone, and in the process I noticed some interesting tendencies, that I tried to describe in this article. Although it is hard to say how many of these can be applied to other beta...

Jerry Nixon01/21/12
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Windows Phone Mango Sample: 3 Solutions to Formatting Problems

One of the most powerful aspects of XAML is it’s rich and dynamic support for data binding.  

Mikael Koskinen01/21/12
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Windows Phone DataTemplateSelectors with the help of Caliburn.Micro

In this Windows Phone 7 tutorial you will learn how to take advantage of Caliburn.Micro when displaying a list of non-identical objects to the user.

Jerry Nixon01/20/12
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Creating a Windows Phone Application in Visual Studio OR Expression Blend

A Windows Phone application is made up of a frame and pages. The Pages are made up of XAML that define the UI and the Application Bar. The Application Bar is made up of Application Bar Icon Buttons and Menu Items.

Chris Smith01/20/12
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WP7 Community Update - January 2012

Windows Phone Apps NumbersThe Windows Phone Developer Blog recently posted some interesting numbers about Windows Phone apps from 2011.

Chris Smith01/20/12
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Introduction to Model View View Model (MVVM)

Model View View Model or MVVM is a User Interface (UI) design pattern targeted at UI development platforms such as Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)...

Mikael Koskinen01/20/12
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Marketwatcher Source Code: Fetching Windows Phone App Reviews

I’ve just committed the first working version of Marketwatcher, a library for Windows Phone 7 which can be used to fetch application reviews from the Windows Phone Marketplace. It is available from the GitHub and it’s licensed with MIT, so you can use...

Jörg Winterstein01/20/12
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Looking Back – My Recent Nine Months as an Indie Developer

Some of you might remember how I started my indie-career earlier this year. With the new year ahead I guess its time for a little retrospect / post mortem / whatever. At the end of this post I will inform you about the money I made so far. I will try to do...

Mark Needham01/20/12
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Learning Android: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space with android-maven-plugin

I’ve been trying to adapt my Android application to fit into the structure of the RobolectricSample so that I can add some tests around my code but I was running into a problem when trying to deploy the application. To deploy the application you need to run...

Glen Gordon01/19/12
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PhoneGap on WP7 Tip #5: Live Tiles and Deep Thinking

Here's a link to part 1 of this series. Windows Phone has a unique and very handy way of providing multiple entry points into your application. This is done through the use of one or more Live Tiles. The start screen on Windows Phone is comprised of tiles...