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David Amador09/03/14
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Native Game on Android - Porting Quest of Dungeons

I never made anything for Android, so when I decided to port QoD to it, I had no idea of what to expect. I decided to jump in and try to port the whole thing. As a primary goal I want to keep as much native code as possible, because it’s already working, porting it to Java could only lead to further bugs in the process.

Alec Noller09/03/14
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The Best of DZone: August 27 - September 3

If you missed anything on DZone this week, now's your chance to catch up! This week's best include the anatomy of Hibernate dirty checking, the similarities of Swift and Scala, the Agile version of Superman vs. Batman, and more.

Simon Gladman09/03/14
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Real Time Fluid Dynamics in Swift for iOS

I thought it would be an interesting project to port some old ActionScript 3 fluid dynamics code to Swift. The original AS3 port was by Oaxoa and based on Jos Stam's Real-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games. My iteration is almost a direct copy of the original AS3 code, but I've spent some time optimising it a little further.

Ajitesh Kumar09/02/14
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Android Development: How to Set Up Your Mobile Device for Testing

This article presents a quick tip on how to have your android app (developed using Android IDEs such as Eclipse or Titanium-based IDE) installed on your mobile device and have them tested right from your mobile device rather than from an emulator.

Tracy Vides09/02/14
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6 Copy Writing Secrets from the Masters

Words have the power to bring about revolutions. How do those of master wordsmiths make the world sit up and take notice, while most of ours fall on deaf ears?

Alec Noller09/01/14
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iOS First, Android Later (or Never)

You don't generally hear that you should develop for Android first, but even if you go iOS first, Android comes second. That's the traditional wisdom, anyways. According to Semil Shah on Haywire, though, "iOS first" is an understatement. It should be iOS first, and Android in the distant future, if at all.

Alec Noller08/29/14
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The Similarities of Swift & Scala

You've probably heard about Swift by now. And if you have, you might have noticed that it has a few things in common with Scala. You wouldn't be the only one. But if you're not yet persuaded, or if you'd just like to see these similarities fully explored, Jacob Leverich has you covered.

Ajitesh Kumar08/29/14
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Cordova Hello World with AngularJS & Bootstrap

This article presents a quick code sample to get started with Cordova or PhoneGap and AngularJS and Bootstrap CSS framework. The interesting thing to note is that the development can be be same as if you are developing an AngularJS & Bootstrap Web app.

Alec Noller08/28/14
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Visualizations of Android Fragmentation: Device, Brand, OS, and More

Remember that time Google fixed Android fragmentation? Well, even if you think it's not that bad at this point - that's fair - it's interesting to see just how much diversity there is when it comes to Android. To that end, OpenSignal has created a visualization of Android fragmentation.

Max Katz08/28/14
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Tutorial: Building a Mobile App With Orchestrate Database and Appery.io Development Platform

Appery.io and Orchestrate have collaborated to create this easy-to-follow tutorial on how to build a mobile app. The app is built in the Appery.io visual development platform, connected to an Orchestrate database via REST APIs, tested, and deployed.

Pankaj Sharma08/28/14
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How to Manage Mobile Data in Android Smartphones to Prevent Bill-Shocks

People these days use smartphones to simplify their lives and communicate flawlessly.

Alec Noller08/27/14
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Dev of the Week: Trisha Gee

Every week, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Trisha Gee, developer at 10gen, expert in high performance Java systems, and leader in the London Java Community.

Alec Noller08/27/14
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The Best of Dzone: August 20 - 27

If you missed anything on DZone this week, now's your chance to catch up! This week's best include JPA Hibernate alternatives, an explanation of the Hadoop ecosystem, why you shouldn't waste time on code reviews, new features coming in Java 9, a rejection of Google's programming tests, and more.

Alex Curylo08/27/14
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Core Data And Swift

Here's an decently comprehensive curation of important tools as the Swift world dawns — keep an eye on all of these to see how they adapt to new world Swiftiness

Simon Gladman08/26/14
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Swarm Chemistry for iOS with Swift

Last summer, I created a few Flash based applications recreating Hiroki Sayama's Swarm Chemistry. I thought that as a follow on from my recent experiments with NSOperation and threading for iOS, I'd try the same in Swift.