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Benjamin Ball06/27/14
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Salesforce Wants to Bring Enterprise to Wearables

Now Salesforce has launched Salesforce Wear, a developer pack which would allow developers to build apps on their existing Salesforce1 platform. They've already been met with a warm embrace from wearable companies like Fitbit, Pebble, Philips, Samsung and others.

Alec Noller06/27/14
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Go Support for Android is Coming

According to David Crawshaw of the Go team, Go will be coming to Android. For those who have been wishing for an alternative to Java on Android - even if it isn't Dart or Groovy, yet - this is a pretty exciting announcement.

Raymond Camden06/27/14
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PhoneGap/Cordova File System Questions

A majority of the questions the author gets about Phonegap/Cordova revolve around the file system API. It has had some updates, but remains difficult to use. With that in mind, he thought it mightb e fruitful to ask his readers about the API and how he can help make things a bit clearer.

Benjamin Ball06/26/14
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Google I/O 2014: Android Meets the Internet of Things with Android Wear, Android Auto, and Google Fit

There was lots of exciting material to be covered during the Google I/O 2014 keynote from San Francisco. But for me, the news I was waiting for centered about Google finally showing off a bit more about Android Wear, and potentially releasing an opponent for Apple's Homekit in the home automation realm.

Alec Noller06/26/14
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What's New in Android 5.0: Material Design, ART, and More

The Google I/O conference was held yesterday, and as one might expect, there was some Android news, particularly regarding Android 5.0 (or "L," as Google refers to it). There are a lot of new features to see, most notably the new "material design."

Doug Winfield06/26/14
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7 Steps to a Successful Mobile Deployment

To be successful in this competitive space, mobile apps must offer users an exceptional experience, which are not the product of magical ideas, or hiring UX experts, or buying tools and services. Rather, they are the result of a continuous cycle of listening and adapting throughout the entire lifecycle of the project.

Raymond Camden06/25/14
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Cordova Media API Example

A few months ago, the author launched a new GitHub repo as a way to try to collect his various Cordova examples together under one roof. He had planned to add to it regularly, but life gets in the way. Now he's finally gotten around to adding another example, this one for the Media API.

Ketan Parmar06/24/14
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Android Triangle Pager Sliding Tabs

This is not a plug and play library that you can directly import in project and use. Triangle tabs is extension of PagerSlidingTabStrip library. In this article I will explain, how to modify PageSlidingTabStrip library to create Triangle Tabs.

Doug Winfield06/24/14
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Why Should Developers Help With User Interface Tests?

Automated User Interface (UI) testing has a deserved reputation for being a morass of low-value, high-cost pain. Developers are already over-burdened trying to get the work in front of them completed and into the delivery pipeline.

Madhuka Udantha06/24/14
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Android Application Development in 15 Minutes (Tutorial 02)

The author's last post (tutorial 01) was on Android Software Stack and Terminology. This post will be for beginners with Android applications, and will teach fast mobile application development using Android Developer Tools (ADT) based on the Eclipse IDE.

Tousif Khan06/24/14
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Sencha Touch: Working with Phone/Tablet Profiles

Writing separate apps for each platform is time consuming, error-prone and plain boring. Sencha Touch’s Device Profiles give us a simple way to share between device types as much code as needed, while making it easy to customize behavior, appearance, and workflows for each device.

Benjamin Ball06/23/14
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DZone Research Continuous Delivery News Update (June 23)

This month's Continuous Delivery industry update includes: Electric Cloud launches two new automation and build tools, IBM launched a simplified environment manager, Codeship gets a redesign, CFEngine Enterprise 3.6.0 is out, Chef issue tracking is updated, the CloudBees and Serena partnership, and more.

Andrew Trice06/23/14
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Mobile UX: Refining Perceived Performance

Performance is critical when you are building apps for mobile devices. In many ways, perceived performance is more important than actual performance. In this article, we’re going to focus on the user’s perception of performance.

Erich Styger06/23/14
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FILLing unused Memory with the GNU Linker

In many of my applications I use a CRC/checksum to verify that the code/flash on the target is not modified. For this, not only the code/data in flash counts, but as well all the unused gaps in the memory map.

Alec Noller06/23/14
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The Complete History of Android: From 0.5 to 4.4

It's been an eventful few days for Android: the move from Dalvik to ART is finally upon us, and the Supreme Court's recent ruling is pretty interesting as well - you know, given the whole Oracle on Android using Java thing. So, then, what better time for an Android history lesson?