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Raymond Camden04/02/14
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My First Native iOS App: Death Clock

A few days ago the author returned from a week of Objective-C and iOS training. He wanted to build an app on his own just to see what he could do. While it isn't pretty and the code is probably wrong in multiple ways, he's been able to create a native version of the Death Clock.

Raymond Camden04/01/14
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I Survived Big Nerd Ranch Training

It's Saturday morning and the author is slowly decompressing from spending the last seven days in what is easily the most intense training I've experienced in his life. He's just returned from Big Nerd Ranch's "Beginning iOS" class and he'd like to share his thoughts on it.

Adam Grocholski04/01/14
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Resources for Mobile March: Windows Azure Notification Hubs & Push Notifications

Recently, the author was fortunate enough to speak on using Windows Azure Notification Hubs. The purpose of this post is to provide resources to those who attended the talk or who are otherwise interested or curious about using Windows Azure Notification Hubs to deliver push notifications to mobile devices.

Has Altaiar03/31/14
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Barcode Scanning on MonoForAndroid

After doing a little search around, the author found that ZXing.Net.Mobile is the best candidate. He needed to implement this feature on multiple platforms, and this scanning framework seems to address the issue well. The library is very simple and quite well designed. The code below shows the usage of the library.

Raymond Camden03/31/14
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PhoneGap for the Enterprise

This is just a quick FYI type post, but recently Adobe announced "PhoneGap for the Enterprise." You can read more about it at the PhoneGap Blog, but here you'll find some of the details.

Alec Noller03/30/14
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The Best of the Week (Mar. 21): Mobile Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Mobile Zone. This week's best include 10 ways to improve Android app performance, a review of "Learning Android Intents," a how-to on building JavaSCript Webapps with Gradle, and more.

Alec Noller03/28/14
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Banned from Android Development: How Open is Google Play?

We like to think of Android development as a more open market than the primary competition of Apple's tightly-controlled app store, but how open is it? According to mobile developer Steve Gehrman, the openness can disappear quickly.

Ketan Parmar03/28/14
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Use ADB Over Wi-Fi Without Extra Application or Software

Normally developers use USB cables to connect Android devices with computers to debug and for other purposes. But what are the problems with this type of connection, and how can they be solved?

Anindita Basak03/28/14
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A Lap Around of Cloud Design Patterns – Microsoft Patterns & Practices

Patterns & Practices are key indicators of any application development life-cycle, whether it’s Windows Store/Desktop app, Web, Cloud, mobility, or LOB app. Microsoft P&P leverages few new patterns as well for Cloud based apps. Lets have a summation as followed.

Max Katz03/28/14
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Creating a jQuery Mobile App With Yellow API in Appery.io

In this article, you'll learn how to create a jQuery Mobile search app with Yellow API in Appery.io.

Alec Noller03/27/14
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What You Need to Know Before Switching from Eclipse to Android Studio

Android Studio has been getting attention lately as the usurper of Eclipse's Android IDE throne. We've heard some positive things, but as with any major change in one's development habits, there are going to be issues.

Alex Curylo03/27/14
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Cross-Platform Mobile Library Development

If you are so bedevilled as to have to come up with some plan that makes sense for developing a cross-platform native-requiring library, the nice people at Skyscanner have done an impressive amount of legwork researching and documenting the alternatives for you. Shocking spoiler: They all suck.

Ben Wilcock03/27/14
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Announcing: Trip Computer for Android

The reason that the author has been so bad at posting recently is that he caught the Android development bug. In this article, he discusses his new app, Android Studio, Gradle, and more.

Alec Noller03/26/14
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Tell DZ: The Highs & Lows of Your Journey to Continuous Delivery

Moving toward Continuous Delivery can be a big change. Ideally, releases speed up and smaller, iterative changes allow for quick fixes and less risk. But any team undergoing changes will experience growing pains. Let us know with a comment: What has your experience with Continuous Delivery been like?

Alec Noller03/26/14
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Dev of the Week: Troy Hunt

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Troy Hunt, Software Architect and Microsoft MVP for Developer Security.