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Alec Noller08/12/14
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Android Studio 0.8.6 and ADT Plugin for Eclipse 23.0.3 Released

Android Studio 0.8.6 and the ADT plugin for Eclipse 23.0.3 have been released! Both provide a number of bug fixes, more critical in the ADT plugin than in Android Studio.

Gonzalo Ayuso08/12/14
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Upgrading Cordova-Android Apps Outside Google Play Store with AngularJS

Recently I’ve been working on enterprise mobile apps. These apps aren’t distributed using any marketplace, so I need to handle the distribution process. This post is about one big problem that appears when we need to upgrade our apps: how does the user know that there’s a new version of the application?

Raymond Camden08/12/14
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How to Make a Phone Call Via GMail

This falls under the "obvious" category (like probably most of my posts), but as I had trouble finding it before, I figured I'd share this tip. To make a phone call from GMail, with the new Hangouts features, follow these steps.

Alec Noller08/11/14
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New in iOS 8: Everything an iOS Dev Needs to Know

If you're an iOS developer trying to keep up with the new features in iOS 8, you'll want to take a look at Sam Davies' iOS8 Day-by-Day series. It covers a new iOS 8 feature each day, and it's a pretty wide range of topics, such as UIVisualEffects, Asynchronous Testing, Rotation Deprecation, and more.

Alex Curylo08/11/14
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Review: Learning iPhone Game Development with Cocos2D 3.0

Quite the twisted trail it’s been since we first noticed cocos2d-iphone way back in 2008 and watched it grow, split, recombine, be acquired, and eventually have the founder jump ship for the C++ version cocos2d-x. Today, we’re going to take a look at the first and only book out there on learning modern Cocos2D-Swift.

Doug Winfield08/11/14
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Telerik Data Access Deployment DOs and DON’Ts

One of the most common topics in your questions to us is the deployment of the applications you developed with Telerik Data Access. To make the process flawless for you, here we suggest a few tips for solving the easy-to-miss hitches related to Telerik Data Access.

Alec Noller08/10/14
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The Best of the Week (Aug. 1): Mobile Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Mobile Zone. This week's best include Swift and Sprite Kit for physics and particles, the options for writing mobile applications, the importance of supporting user goals, and more.

Alex Curylo08/09/14
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iOS 8 Grab Bag

So, pretty much got your head around Swift now and ready to move on to all the other new goodies in iOS 8? Here’s a series that’s been chugging along since WWDC well worth your time to read

Alec Noller08/08/14
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Xtend: A Java-Compiling Alternative Language for Android

After Apple released Swift, some Android developers were jealous. After all, where's Dart for Android, or Go for Android, or Groovy for Android? Well, according to Andre Medeiros on the Futurice blog, the answer's already here: Xtend.

Simon Gladman08/08/14
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Investigating Array Performance in Swift

I was looking at my Swift Gray Scott application last night and started playing with different ways I could improve the speed of the solvers.

Troy Miles08/08/14
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Debugging and Tuning Mobile Web Sites with Modern Web Browsers

Let's face it, debugging mobile web sites is not fun. Hopefully these slides from my talk at Velocity in Santa Clara in June may help.

Alec Noller08/07/14
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Google I/O App Source Code on GitHub: Material Design, Android L, and More

If you're still curious about what Android L is all about - you know, what Material Design is, all that stuff - you can just take a look at Google's app from I/O 2014, which has been updated to include Material Design and the Android L Developer Preview. It's all available on GitHub.

Ricky Yim08/07/14
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You say Constructor Chaining, Swift says Initializer Delegation

One of the things that one must get used to with a new language is dealing with new conventions.

Juhani Lehtimaki08/07/14
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Watch This: Material Design in the 2014 Google I/O App

Material design is something that I have not had time to write about yet (but believe when I say that I will!). Fortunately there's no shortage of others talking about it.Today, Google's Android Developers blog released a great post about the process they used to build the Google IO app for this year's conference.

Alec Noller08/06/14
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Dev of the Week: Andreea Borcea

This week we're talking to Andreea Borcea, developer of patient-empowering solutions for the healthcare industry, co-host of Farstuff: The IoT Podcast, and featured author in DZone's 2014 Guide to Internet of Things.