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Madhuka Udantha06/24/14
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Android Application Development in 15 Minutes (Tutorial 02)

The author's last post (tutorial 01) was on Android Software Stack and Terminology. This post will be for beginners with Android applications, and will teach fast mobile application development using Android Developer Tools (ADT) based on the Eclipse IDE.

Tousif Khan06/24/14
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Sencha Touch: Working with Phone/Tablet Profiles

Writing separate apps for each platform is time consuming, error-prone and plain boring. Sencha Touch’s Device Profiles give us a simple way to share between device types as much code as needed, while making it easy to customize behavior, appearance, and workflows for each device.

Benjamin Ball06/23/14
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DZone Research Continuous Delivery News Update (June 23)

This month's Continuous Delivery industry update includes: Electric Cloud launches two new automation and build tools, IBM launched a simplified environment manager, Codeship gets a redesign, CFEngine Enterprise 3.6.0 is out, Chef issue tracking is updated, the CloudBees and Serena partnership, and more.

Andrew Trice06/23/14
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Mobile UX: Refining Perceived Performance

Performance is critical when you are building apps for mobile devices. In many ways, perceived performance is more important than actual performance. In this article, we’re going to focus on the user’s perception of performance.

Erich Styger06/23/14
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FILLing unused Memory with the GNU Linker

In many of my applications I use a CRC/checksum to verify that the code/flash on the target is not modified. For this, not only the code/data in flash counts, but as well all the unused gaps in the memory map.

Alec Noller06/23/14
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The Complete History of Android: From 0.5 to 4.4

It's been an eventful few days for Android: the move from Dalvik to ART is finally upon us, and the Supreme Court's recent ruling is pretty interesting as well - you know, given the whole Oracle on Android using Java thing. So, then, what better time for an Android history lesson?

Fabio Radin06/21/14
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Review: Learning Pentesting for Android Devices

I really love this book! "Learning Pentesting for Android Devices" is a book for all curious guys that want to understand how things are working inside their Android device. The goal of the book is...

Tony Siciliani06/20/14
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NoSQL on Android

There are various NoSQL solutions for mobile platforms such as the iOS and Android. Here, we will look at Couchbase Lite (CBL – the successor of TouchDB), a lightweight, full-featured, embedded JSON database.

Alec Noller06/20/14
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Android's Dalvik Runtime Scrapped in Favor of ART

It's been pretty clear for a while now that Google was going to move Android from Dalvik to a new runtime called AOT runtime called ART - we talked about it in November, then December, then again in March - but it looks like it's finally happening: Dalvik has been removed from the AOSP master branch.

Brent Stineman06/20/14
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Attempting to Define "Internet of Things"

To start with. I want to call out that attempting to define “IOT” is like attempting to define “the cloud”. Over time, “cloud” has settled on a definition that revolved around a collection of attributes: scalable, self-service, pay for what you use, and internet accessible.

Clark Sell06/20/14
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Amazon's Fire Phone Isn't for You!

After the announcement of the Amazon Fire Phone, the author was left scratching his head as to why Amazon would push out such a lackluster entry in the smartphone game. But upon further thought, he decided it might be a savvy move for one reason: the Mayday service and its appeal to older generations.

Madhuka Udantha06/20/14
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Android Software Stack and Terminology (Tutorial 01)

In this article, you'll find an overview of the Android system software stack and the terminology needed to understand the parts of an Android application.

Ashwin Jiwane06/19/14
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Test Your Third-Party Providers to Stay Reliable

Most businesses depend on third parties to reliably deliver products or services to their customers. E-commerce sites rely on delivery services. Broadcasters rely on cable and satellite providers. And web platforms rely on cloud infrastructure to keep their systems accessible.

Alec Noller06/19/14
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Why Android Needs a Simulator More than an Emulator

People tend not to be too enthusiastic about Android's default emulator, and while there have been some improvements and solutions, they're not perfect. What Android developers need, according to Jake Wharton, is a simulator.

Doug Winfield06/19/14
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Announcing NativeScript: Cross-Platform Framework for Building Native Mobile Applications

Telerik has announced NativeScript framework. The framework enables developers to use pure JavaScript language to build native mobile applications running on all major mobile platforms - Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows Universal.