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Madhuka Udantha06/20/14
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Android Software Stack and Terminology (Tutorial 01)

In this article, you'll find an overview of the Android system software stack and the terminology needed to understand the parts of an Android application.

Ashwin Jiwane06/19/14
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Test Your Third-Party Providers to Stay Reliable

Most businesses depend on third parties to reliably deliver products or services to their customers. E-commerce sites rely on delivery services. Broadcasters rely on cable and satellite providers. And web platforms rely on cloud infrastructure to keep their systems accessible.

Alec Noller06/19/14
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Why Android Needs a Simulator More than an Emulator

People tend not to be too enthusiastic about Android's default emulator, and while there have been some improvements and solutions, they're not perfect. What Android developers need, according to Jake Wharton, is a simulator.

Doug Winfield06/19/14
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Announcing NativeScript: Cross-Platform Framework for Building Native Mobile Applications

Telerik has announced NativeScript framework. The framework enables developers to use pure JavaScript language to build native mobile applications running on all major mobile platforms - Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows Universal.

Alec Noller06/18/14
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Amazon Releases Fire Phone: Firefly Feature Recognizes Everything

Jeff Bezos is on stage right now in Seattle presenting Amazon's new smartphone offering, Fire Phone, and according to a variety of live-Tweet streams, it's pretty exciting. But the big news is the Fire Phone's major feature, Firefly, which can scan and recognize just about everything.

Alec Noller06/18/14
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Dart for Android: Why Google Should Embrace Dart over Java

Google's programming language, Dart, has been around for a while now, but it hasn't quite taken off the way others have. According to some, though, it should be front and center as the core language of Android.

Madhuka Udantha06/18/14
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Switching Activities in Android

The following article shows how to create a new activity when the user clicks the button.

Benjamin Ball06/17/14
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How Does the Honeywell Lyric Compare to Google Nest?

Google is finally starting to see some heavy hitters coming up to bat against their Nest products, and the first popular contender is a company that was never really not on the scene. In fact, Honeywell was in the connected thermostat and home automation game long before Google started eying Nest.

Ricky Yim06/17/14
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First Impressions of Swift

The author has spent most of his idle cycles over the last week or so having a closer look at Swift, the new Apple programming language that was announced recently at WWDC. Here is a quick summary of what he likes and dislikes so far.

Cormac Reynolds 06/17/14
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How iBeacon will Change Location Based Social Media

Currently, sitting under the radar to some degree, iBeacons look like they’re set to explode in the coming weeks and months and social media could have a big part to play in their success. So, let’s take a look at how iBeacons and social media could change retail.

Madhuka Udantha06/17/14
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Using Hardware Devices to Run Android Apps from an IDE in Windows 8

This post describes how to set up your development environment (on Windows 8) and Android-powered device for testing and debugging on the device.

Benjamin Ball06/16/14
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DZone Research Cloud News Update (June 16)

This research update includes Docker support for Stackato and Google Cloud, lower prices for Clever Cloud, improved performance for cloudControl from hardware improvements, Chef 10 and data bags for Engine Yard, open source HTTP API toolchain from Heroku, Jelastic V2.2 with Ruby support, and more.

Alec Noller06/16/14
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How to Use Groovy to Build Android Apps

One of the key ideas of Groovy is to help Java developers be more productive, so why not bring it to Android? Luckily, Cédric Champeau has done exactly that with this Gradle plug-in on available on GitHub.

Mitch Pronschinske06/16/14
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The State of Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid

For native, hybrid, and web applications, this article will serve as a comparison between the three mobile app types. In addition to the comparison information, you’ll also get a snapshot of the industry use cases and current trends around native, web, and hybrid apps.

Alec Noller06/13/14
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Is Flappy Bird the New Hello World?

Last week, Apple released Swift, the new programming language for iOS, and one question became prominent: could Flappy Bird be the new Hello World?