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Matt Lacey03/19/14
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1192 Windows Phone Apps that Have Custom Protocols

Last week, the author identified 325 Windows Phone apps that can be launched from an app. This was generated from a quick search through the store catalog. Some people commented that their app was missing from the list, so he performed a more thorough search of the store to build a bigger list.

Matt Lacey03/18/14
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What You Test as Part of Your App and What People Perceive as Being Your App

Late last month a number of UK banking apps had some "glitches." The author is not interested in pointing fingers or criticizing individual apps. What he is interested in is what we can learn from this to help build better apps.

Matt Lacey03/17/14
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Why MessageBox.Show() = Fail!

In a recent post, the author stated that: "[h]aving "MessageBox.Show()" in your code is almost always an indicator of a poorly designed interaction or notification and contributes to a poor user experience." There was some debate in the comments about why or how he could claim this.

Maximiliano Firtman03/17/14
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iOS 7.1: New Minimal UI Mode and Old Bugs on Safari

As you might know, iOS 7.0 included one of the buggiest browsers of all time for iPhones and iPads. After 5 months we have now the 7.1 update that wants to give some fresh air to web developers. Let’s see if Apple succeeded on the task.

Bill Jones03/16/14
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Book Review: Learning Android Intents

Sometimes I need a quick reference, or in this case, I needed to start from the ground up. Intent as a framework seems pretty straight forward and as another reviewer had written 'you can do a lot...

Alec Noller03/16/14
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The Best of the Week (Mar. 7): Mobile Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Mobile Zone. This week's best include tips on how to handle memory management in Android, a tutorial on installing the Intellij IDEA with the Genymotion emulator, what we should learn from Apple's SSL bug, and more.

Moran Shayovitch03/15/14
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How HTML5 Apps Can be More Secure than Native Mobile Apps

As businesses accelerate their move toward making B2E applications available to employees on mobile devices, the subject of mobile application security is getting more attention.

Alec Noller03/14/14
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Couchbase Mobile: Multi-Master vs. Client-Server Models

The syncing of mobile data is an important issue, ranging from clean and reliable (Pocket, for example) to spotty and erratic (Facebook, for example). This recent article discusses Couchbase Mobile and the multi-master approach to mobile data syncing.

Kon Soulianidis03/14/14
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The Beacon Experiments: Low-Energy Bluetooth Devices in Action

The author was recently lucky enough to get a hold of a couple of sets of Bluetooth low-energy beacons; three Estimote beacons and a set of five Kontakt beacons. Whilst the Estimote beacons sure looked a lot fancier, he was keen to see if it was all just for show, or if they truly were a superior product.

Matt Lacey03/14/14
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Visual Design is Nothing Without UX Design

This is a break from the author's usual, more technical posts, indulge me for a moment. So, he was looking at Etsy on one of his Android tablets as he'd remembered it being highlighted as an example of an extremely well designed app. What follows is his experience as a first time user.

Alec Noller03/14/14
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How to Implement an "Undo" Bar in Android

Users hate to lose data, and it's a tough situation when it's a user error that leads to the loss. One solution, though, is a simple "undo" button, which can be a little bit difficult to implement on Android. So, here's a solution from Jens Driller: Android - UndoBar.

Max Katz03/14/14
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Building a GPS Tracking App with Appery.io

In this article, you'll learn how to build a GPS tracking app with Appery.io and where to download the app backup.

Michael Crump03/13/14
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Think Twice About Updating to the Latest Android Studio Canary Build

The author was recently updating Android Studio to the latest build when I hit an error. After hitting "exit," he hit an exception. After digging through the issue list, he saw that other people had the same problem.

Matt Lacey03/13/14
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Stop Asking Questions with "OK" or "Cancel" Answers

How many questions can be answered with either "ok" or "cancel"? I suspect you think very few. Yeah, me too. So why is it that so many apps ask questions and only give "ok" and "cancel" as possible answers?

Troy Miles03/13/14
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Genymotion: Simply the Best Android Emulator

I've written quite a bit about the unbelievable crappiness of the Android emulator. On a machine with a lot of horsepower it is manageable at best.