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Alec Noller06/16/14
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How to Use Groovy to Build Android Apps

One of the key ideas of Groovy is to help Java developers be more productive, so why not bring it to Android? Luckily, Cédric Champeau has done exactly that with this Gradle plug-in on available on GitHub.

Mitch Pronschinske06/16/14
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The State of Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid

For native, hybrid, and web applications, this article will serve as a comparison between the three mobile app types. In addition to the comparison information, you’ll also get a snapshot of the industry use cases and current trends around native, web, and hybrid apps.

Alec Noller06/13/14
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Is Flappy Bird the New Hello World?

Last week, Apple released Swift, the new programming language for iOS, and one question became prominent: could Flappy Bird be the new Hello World?

Robin Bramley06/13/14
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Android Email Extraction to .eml

Sometimes the Android ecosystem is a little lacking with tool support; for instance I needed to extract a set of sent items from a POP3 mailbox

Doug Winfield06/13/14
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Telerik Platform Major Updates: Native Apps, TypeScript support, Chrome Apps, and More

The Telerik team is announcing today the most significant update to the Telerik Platform since its introduction. The update brings support for writing native apps using a new cross-platform framework called NativeScript™, as well as a variety of other new tools and updates.

Sasha Goldshtein06/12/14
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Why Swift?

From the moment Apple has announced Swift, the new iOS and OS X programming language, the web is full of hate and praise, constructive criticism and pointless rants, confusion and excitement

Alec Noller06/12/14
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AOSP's New Restrictions: Will Android 4.5 be a Huge Step Back?

If you've been tracking the progress of AOSP's development and the move toward Android 4.5, you may have noticed some concerning developments: write access to /system is being limited. This has some serious implications.

Maarten Ectors06/12/14
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How the Cloud Makes Windows Irrelevant

Windows has been running on the majority of PCs for many years now. Microsoft successfully translated its client monopoly into a stronghold server position. However times are changing and it is no surprise that the new CEO of Microsoft is a Cloud expert. Cloud can make Windows irrelevant.

Alex Curylo06/12/14
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Swift Reactions & Resources

It's time to get started earning your Swift merit badge, folks. In this article, you'll find a collection of links to help you get started with Swift and learn everything you need to know.

Alec Noller06/12/14
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Android Studio 0.6.0 Released

Last week, Android Studio 0.6.0 was released. This release sounds like a pretty simple one, focused mostly on adding support for version 0.11 of the Android Gradle Plugin and for IntelliJ's latest 13.x fixes. According to the release announcement, everything changed was behind the scenes.

Elizabeth Thomas06/11/14
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Automating the Continuous Integration of Android Projects With Gradle Using Jenkins on Windows

This post will show how to automate the deployment process of a Android Application using Jenkins Continuous Integration – to build the project, run the unit tests (if any), archive the built artifacts and run the Android lint reports.

Alec Noller06/11/14
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The Mobile Landscape: Cross-Platform Problems and Solutions

Mobile development has become a ubiquitous part of the software industry, and most developers understand the central dilemma organizations face when building a mobile app: cross-platform development. What options exist for deploying an app to multiple platforms simultaneously?

Raymond Camden06/11/14
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ngCordova Released

ngCordova is a set of Angular directives focused on Cordova APIs. For folks who already use Angular, this provides an easier and more "Angular-ish" way to work with Cordova.

Rambo Zhou06/11/14
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Make Distributed Systems Auto-Scalable : Examples

In the last post we talked about the conception how to make distributed system auto-scalable. It will be a design pattern for distributed system in auto-scalability. In this post we introduce 2 examples to explain it. We will talk about node elastic in next post.

Mark O'neill06/11/14
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Secure APIs drive the Connected Car

Although the cases study is focused on the Connected Car, I'd encourage anyone interested in API Security in general to attend the webinar. Sebastian Mennicke, Senior Consultant at IC-Consult, is an expert on API security and he will be talking about how APIs are secured, including details of OAuth 2.0 in action.