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Simon Gladman08/05/14
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Threads in Swift with NSOperation: Gray Scott Reaction Diffusion

When I first discovered ActionScript Workers, one of the first things I did was use them to implement a model of the Gray Scott reaction diffusion system. Now that I've started playing with Swift, I thought I'd do something similar with NSOperation.

Simon Gladman08/04/14
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Using Swift and Sprite Kit for Physics and Particles

Swift comes bundled with Sprite Kit, a graphics rendering and animation infrastructure that includes, among other things, support for physics and particle systems. Inspired by this post from Thibault Imbert, I thought I'd attempt to create a scene containing a handful of bouncing balls, each emitting particles.

Bruno Terkaly08/01/14
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How to Write Mobile Applications: What are Your Options?

The web as you know it is going away. But given that native apps are not a viable solution to every problem, what other options exist?

Alec Noller07/31/14
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Debunking the Myths Surrounding Android Monetization

If you're in the mobile development business, monetization is probably a fairly important issue to you. And we've been hearing for years now how Android users don't spend money, at least compared to iOS users. But is that really true?

Simon Gladman07/31/14
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A First Look at Swift and Xcode 6 - An App in Ten Minutes!

For an ActionScript old timer like me, Swift is a lot friendlier that Objective C and, unlike developing with AS3 and AIR, gives me immediate access to all the great stuff in iOS like SpriteKit, SceneKit and Metal.

Paresh Mayani07/31/14
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Crash/Issue in Google Play Store Android App

I am just creating a post as I don’t know where I should submit this bug/issue or who I should contact to let them know about the issue being caught in the Google Play Store Android app. I hope this post will be found by any of the Google play store app developer(s), and I hope it may help them to resolve issue.

Alec Noller07/30/14
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Dev of the Week: Sean Lorenz

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Sean Lorenz, Technical Product Guy for the Xively IoT platform from LogMeIn.

Alec Noller07/30/14
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The Best of DZone: July 22 - 29

If you missed anything on DZone this week, now's your chance to catch up! This week's best include a developer's life in GIFs, the swiss Java knife, Apple's lack of Swift knowledge, the four best refactorings, DZone's 2014 Guide to Internet of Things, and more.

Alex Curylo07/30/14
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Xcode 6: Usable Testing

If you’d overlooked the improvements to testing in Xcode 6, understandably enough what with the new language and all, they’re definitely worth taking a look at

Alex Curylo07/30/14
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Unsustainable Apps: Revolved

The good news is that there's a pretty cool open sourced app for you to check out. The bad news, on the other hand, is that it suggests some negative things about the mobile app industry.

Doug Winfield07/29/14
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Verified Plugins Marketplace: Your Source for Verified Cordova/PhoneGap Plugins

With custom plugins, hybrid mobile developers are able to extend the functionality of their mobile apps beyond what is normally possible with the Cordova/PhoneGap framework. The problem, though, is that the custom plugin space is still the "wild west" - until recently, that is.

Alec Noller07/28/14
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Introducing DZone's 2014 Guide to Internet of Things

DZone's 2014 Guide to Internet of Things was produced to help you understand the growing variety of technologies, tools, and companies behind IoT, along with the challenges it faces and the vast potential it holds.

Gonzalo Ayuso07/28/14
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Testing Phonegap/Cordova Applications Fast as Hell in the Device (with Ionic Framework)

Normally when we work with Phonegap/Cordova applications we work in two phases. First we develop the application locally using our browser. That’s the “fast” phase. But when we need to run the application on a real device, that's when we get to the "slow" phase.

Alex Curylo07/28/14
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Dringend: Xcode On Your iPad

OK, this one wins top honours in the “Just Because We Can” category: How would you like to develop your Xcode project... on your iPad?

Simon Jackson07/28/14
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Mastering Unity 2D Game Development–Animation Curves

In the run up to the launch of my first published title Mastering Unity 2D Game Development (a book this time) I'm going to be doing some short snippets from some of the many exciting things you will learn within its pages.