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Raymond Camden07/22/14
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Yet Another Cordova/PhoneGap Debugging Tip

Want another way to debug Cordova/PhoneGap apps? This isn't new, but I tend to forget about this option, and it came in handy yesterday, so I thought I would share.

Alec Noller07/21/14
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DZone's 200th Refcard Released: Java Performance Optimization

Today, DZone released Refcard #200: Java Performance Optimization. To mark the significance of this milestone, this Refcard boasts a complete redesign - all the information you expect from a Refcard in a shiny new package!

Mehdi Daoudi07/21/14
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Adaptive vs. Responsive Web Design: Quantifying the Difference on Mobile

We decided to undertake a little experiment to see how well Adaptive and Responsive Web Design performed when monitored from a mobile device profile. The sites were monitored from four backbone locations in New York and another four in San Francisco.

Raymond Camden07/21/14
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First Release of Cordova Brackets Extension

I blogged about this a few days ago, but I think I'm ready to really release my Cordova Brackets extension. The code is pretty much crap and it's really lacking in providing good feedback while it works, but the initial feature list is complete.

Mehul Rajput07/19/14
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Schedule Regular Updates Using Background Fetch in iPhone App Development

Background Fetch is a very helpful features in iOS. iPhone developers can take advantages in their iPhone app development particularly in UX designing where regular app updates would take place without affecting seamless user experiences and work flows.

Ben Wilcock07/18/14
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Event Tracking with Analytics API v4 for Android

Event tracking can help by enabling you to develop a sense of how popular a particular feature is and how often it’s getting used by users of your app.

Joost Van Schaik07/18/14
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Cross-Platform Behavior for Making Screenshots in Windows (Phone) 8.1

Currently I am developing an app that should be able to share or save whatever is on the screen. I came upon this article by Loek van den Ouweland about RenderTargetBitmap and wondered if I could a) make this more generally (re)usable and b) make it play nice with MVVM.

Alex Curylo07/18/14
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PaintCode 2.1 with Swift!

So we’ve mentioned in passing the existence of PaintCode, the premier code-producing vector drawing program out there, but we’d never got into it particularly deeply; but with the serious upgrades with version 2, we finally decided, ok, this is seriously worth getting into to.

Alec Noller07/17/14
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The Best of DZone: July 9 - 16

If you missed anything on DZone this week, now's your chance to catch up! This week's best include reasons not to switch to Java 8 (yet), Raspberry Pi's new release, the Dockerized future, the downsides of Google Play Services 5.0, the good, bad, and ugly of JSON, and more.

Alec Noller07/17/14
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Realm: A Memory-Efficient Mobile Database

If you're a mobile developer looking for a database that won't crush devices more thoroughly than Play Services 5.0, SQLite isn't the only option anymore. Now there's Realm, currently available for iOS (and Android, soon).

Mike Croft07/17/14
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A Smartphone as a Java EE Server: Glassfish 4 on Ubuntu Touch

Android is (at the moment) my favourite mobile OS, but it’s always disappointed me a little that there was no way to get Java running on it since it lacks necessary packages so when Ubuntu Touch was announced, it finally seemed that there was a New Hope!

Matteo Pagani07/17/14
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Porting a Windows Phone 8.0 Application to Caliburn Micro 2.0

Caliburn Micro is a big improvemenet compared to the previous version, but it also includes many breaking changes. In this post I’ll detail the most important ones I had to face during the migration.

John Blanco07/16/14
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Getting the Charles Debugging Proxy to Work with iOS and Genymotion

The Charles Web Debugging Proxy is a near mandatory tool for any developer. Getting it to work with your desktop apps is usually very easy since it just… works. However, for use with mobile, there are a couple tricks.

Alec Noller07/15/14
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Android L's Material Design: What Exactly Is It?

With Google I/O came the announcement of one of Android 5.0's biggest new features: Material Design. If you're still wondering what that means, exactly - or what the point is - Liam Spradlin has some thoughts on the defining aspects of Material Design.

Peter Zaitsev07/15/14
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Simple MySQL Master HA with mysqlnd_ms

I had the pleasure of presenting to the PHP Users Group Philippines a few days ago about mysqlnd_ms. The mysqlnd plugin, MySQL Master Slave, is a transparent layer on top of mysqlnd extension.