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30 Days on the Android Market: Stats And Observations

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My second Android app, MyReminders, has been on the Android Market for 30 days now, and I wanted to share some stats as well as some things I've observed and experienced over that time period.

  • Since being published on the Market 30 days ago, the app has been purchased (I charged a $1 for it) and installed 277 times.  According to Google, 189 of those copies are still installed, which is 68%.  If the user uninstalls ("returns") the app within 24 hours of purchasing it, they are not charged for it.  Looking at the spreadsheet from Google Checkout detailing the charges, there were 229 charges for the app, which means that a number of users uninstalled the app after the 24-hour grace period.

  • In comparison, my first Android app, NoteToSelf (a simpler pre-cursor to MyReminders available for free) has been downloaded 3234 times since being published on June 23rd (so a little over 3 months) and is still installed on 1241 devices, which is 38% of the total download number.  So the app I charged $1 for averaged about 9.2 downloads a day, while the free app averaged about 33.6 downloads a day.  Conclusion:  people like their free apps.  :)

  • Per the advice I gave out in my last blog post, I did go out and advertise MyReminders on other Android websites such as AndroidZoom and As far as I can tell, doing so did not have a significant impact on the number of downloads (at least not as yet). AndroidZoom reported that 46 people viewed the description of MyReminders on their site and 4 people used the AndroidZoom redirect to purchase the app (meaning 4 people actually browsed the AndroidZoom website on their Android device, because the app can only be purchased from the Market via Android).

  • In both cases, the feedback for the apps represent a small fraction of the number of downloads.  NoteToSelf was rated 14 times and 7 of those raters also wrote a comment.  If there is some cutoff age at which point a comment or rating is considered too old and is no longer counted or shown, NoteToSelf hasn't reached it yet:  the first comment that was submitted the day it was released on the Market is still visible.  Which is actually a bit annoying because the comment took issue with some word choice in the app description that I actually changed right away, so the comment is completely irrelevant.  MyReminders has been rated three times and commented on twice.

    We all know that (in general) the percentage of users who provide feedback tends to be small, but the mechanism for rating and reviewing apps on Android doesn't make it easy for those users who want to give that feedback. You have to go back into the Android Market app and search for a particular app in order to rate/review it. It would be nice if Google provided a means of reviewing apps within the "Manage Applications" area under Settings.

    Having said that, the low number of ratings for MyReminders is currently working in my favor, as all three ratings are perfect five-star ratings. :)

  • I've received several e-mails from folks who've purchased MyReminders. One or two had suggestions, but most of them had questions that were actually more about how to do certain things in Android than about things specific to the app.  MyReminders comes with a choice of three homescreen widgets, so a few folks asked about how to access the widgets.  I took these e-mails as an indication that people brand new to Android were finding my app by searching the Android Market, and that maybe some of the newer Android phones (or non-Motorola phones) were shipping without any sort of user guide to the Android OS (my Droid came package with a small fold-out with some basic tips).

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Andrew Perepelytsya replied on Fri, 2011/06/17 - 12:19pm

You published to the android market, but failed to notice that the refund period is 15 minutes only? It used to be 24 hours loooong ago, but no more. Kinda raises suspicion on the creditibility of the source. But overall, thanks for sharing your experiences, not too many devs publish those (large companies PR-oriented ones don't count, they have nothing to do with 'feedback').

Sirikant Noori replied on Sat, 2012/03/31 - 3:38pm

your conclusion that people like free apps is no doubt correct, but I'm not sure your base data for the conclusion are. Unless you know that all the people using the free app are from countries where you're actually *allowed* to buy the app, which still is an astonishingly few places.


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