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Android Tutorial Series: From SQL/PHP To XML/JSON To Android ListView!

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Hey all faithful readers! Next week we will be posting a new tutorial series. The series will focus on transfering information from a php webservice to your Android application.

A lot of requests came in regarding the subject and there isn't a good resource for it so we had to fill the information gap!           

When the parts are ready we will update this post to link to the corresponding posts.

In this series we will explain the following:

  • [update] Implement ProgressDialog /  Threading
  • How to implement a push notification when new data arrives!

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Emma Watson replied on Fri, 2012/03/30 - 7:11am

im a php/mysql programmer trying to learn java for android, and the mysql/php -> json webservice -> android ive got working perfect, now i just need to learn json -> android listview . oh the pain.


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