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Fiddler and WP7 Emulator – Working!

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From the Beta SDK onwards, it seemed that there was no easy way of getting Fiddler to work with the emulator. For those unfamiliar with Fiddler, in short, it’s a must-have tool if you’re dealing with web requests for your applications. It lets you monitor the HTTP traffic between your  computer and the web, which is very useful when it comes to debugging web traffic problems in your apps.

Eric Law has uploaded a post explaining the steps to follow in order to get Fiddler working with the RTM emulator. You can read the instructions below, or see the full post here.


  1. Install Fiddler
  2. Start Fiddler.
  3. Click Tools > Fiddler Options.
  4. Open the Connections tab and tick the Allow remote computers to connect box
  5. Click OK to close the Fiddler Options dialog.
  6. In the QuickExec box under the session list, type prefs set HostName where HostName is the name of your desktop computer.
  7. Close and restart Fiddler.
  8. Start (or restart) the Windows Phone 7 Emulator.
  9. Open Internet Explorer on the Emulator.
  10. Observe, your traffic shows in Fiddler.


Thanks to Eric for this as it’s been something quite a few developers have asked for.

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Hassan Turhal replied on Sun, 2012/09/16 - 3:54am

Hey, thanks for the post, however, after following these steps I still can’t see traffic from my app in Fiddler, only traffic from the emulator’s IE… Any suggestions ?

Are you new to Java? 

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