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WP7 Simulator for Android and iOS: An Interesting Tactic

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What if you could demo the Metro UI from Windows Phone 7 on your Android or iPhone?  No we're not talking about a sophisticated hack or jailbreak, we're talking about something that the average Joe could use.

Well that demo is here today, and it works through a browser.  It's a very clever move by Microsoft, who is fervently trying to gain more market share for Windows Phone. 

It's pretty simple.  You just take your iPhone or Android phone, go to this link, and you're able to essentialy try out Windows Phone and its native apps without having to go to the store.  An added bonus that you don't get at the store is the little help animations that will highlight key navigation buttons and swipes to let you know how to get to all of the important sections of various apps.

However, this demo still just scratches the surface of what a Windows Phone can do, so it's possible the experience could seem broken to those who don't understand the demo limitations.

Still, it's very cleaver scripting and marketing by the Microsoft camp.


Robert Craft replied on Thu, 2012/01/26 - 7:11am

I personally fell in love with the UI when it initially came out (I own an android so that is perhaps not a surprise) but I still feel that the market is nowhere near as developed as its android and iOS counterparts. I also dislike the fact that it forces you to use bing (I find bing terrible, this is just my opinion) and that there is no dual core windows phone out (to the best of my knowledge anyway). It seems like Apple is pushing software, Google is pushing hardware and Microsoft is lagging behind in both, which I find a huge shame because the wp7 UI is better than both android (2.3, I don't know about 4.0 because I have yet to try it) and iOS 5. This is just my opinion, my intent is not to hate windows phone 7 but rather to provide a constructive analysis of its pros and cons.

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