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Daily Dose: Twitter scores $800 million in record breaking deal

Today, Russian venture firm DST Global invested a record breaking $800 million into Twitter.  According to the release, half of that investment is meant to...

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Crear .bat Desde NetBeans

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Daily Dose: NetBeans 7.0 Has Java 7 Support

Oracle's newly released NetBeans 7.0 features support for Java 7 features.  The JDK 7 component of NetBeans 7.0 is technically an early access snapshot.  A...

2 replies - 31596 views - 04/20/11 by Katie Mckinsey in Daily Dose

Daily Dose - Seam 3 Goes Beta

JBoss' grand, all-encompassing Java development framework is nearly finished.  This weekend, the 3.0 version reached Beta 1 status.  It is the first release...

0 replies - 35150 views - 01/31/11 by Mitch Pronschinske in Daily Dose

Daily Dose - Will NetBeans Have to Remove JUnit?

NetBeans Platform Architect Jaroslav Tulach recently posted some surprising news on the JUnit Yahoo Group.  "We have new lawyers," he said, and...

0 replies - 22231 views - 01/18/11 by Mitch Pronschinske in Daily Dose

Daily Dose - NetBeans 7 Starts Living Up To Its Name

A new beta release of NetBeans 7.0 is the first to provide JDK 7 support, allowing developers to choose Java 7 (still in development) as their target platform...

1 replies - 31165 views - 11/23/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Daily Dose

Daily Dose - Milestone 2 of NetBeans 7.0 (Formerly 6.10) Released

If you haven't heard already, you should know that in the middle of NetBeans 6.10 development, the name changed to NetBeans 7.0 to align with the upcoming JDK...

1 replies - 21605 views - 10/20/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Daily Dose

Daily Dose - Google Boycotts JavaOne

Google's Chief Java Architect Joshua Bloch just announced on the Google Code Blog that he and Google would not be at JavaOne this year due to the Oracle...

20 replies - 34955 views - 08/27/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Daily Dose

Daily Dose - Hibernate and Hibernate Validator Releases

The final release of Hibernate 3.5.3 was delivered today with three main bugfixes.  Hibernate Validator 4.1 CR 1 was also released today.  Validator 4.1 adds...

0 replies - 19705 views - 06/18/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Daily Dose

Daily Dose - App Engine 1.3.3 Released

A new Google App Engine SDK for Java and Python was released this week.  The 1.3.3 version includes changes and issue fixes for the data store, admin console,...

0 replies - 20334 views - 04/23/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Daily Dose