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Finding Neighbours in Game of Life.

This method I started writing by considering that every cell of the GOL board will have an id.In a 2 dimensional board I considered every cell has an id,...

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Java 9 Features Announced — What Do You Think?

A series of Java Enhancement Proposals (JEPs) has been published on OpenJDK concerning the next major update (Java 9). Previous rumors about Java 9 features...

33 replies - 39659 views - 08/20/14 by Benjamin Ball in Articles

Listing schema,table,column names in java using mysql db

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get current web application path in java

This is a code snippet to retrieve the path of the current running web application project in java

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DEMUX Framework 0.6.2 released

 DEMUX Framework 0.6.2 is released. This release adds support for simplified working with dialogs on JavaFX and Android. Dialogs are seamlessly integrated...

0 replies - 161 views - 07/15/13 by Vladimir Djurovic in Announcements

Handling Keyboard Sortcuts in JavaFx

A lot of times you need to to assign some functionality to some keyboard shortcut like F5 or Ctrl+R  in your application. JavaFx also provides...

0 replies - 10424 views - 06/27/13 by Neil Ghosh in Uncategorized

9 Points to Consider for an App Developer Deciding on Backend as a Service

Backend as a Service - BaaS has become a preferred way for many App developers. It’s not only indie developers or start-ups who are using BaaS Service...

0 replies - 1569 views - 06/24/13 by Mandeep Bajar in Articles

Links You Don't Want To Miss (Memorial Day Weekend Edition)

Look at this Hydrogen Atom’s Electron Orbit Specifically, that electron orbit as viewed through a quantum microscope. For the first time. So you’re...

0 replies - 7109 views - 05/25/13 by Eric Gregory in Articles

When to Use Interfaces in Your Application

There are several advantages in utilizing the features of Interfaces in general programming. As you may already know, interfaces define a set of...

0 replies - 28149 views - 05/19/13 by Deepu Mohan Puthrote in Articles

New Version of Oracle ADF Mobile - Java on iOS and Android

Oracle today released version of their Oracle ADF Mobile framework.The framework leverages a headless JVM to enable developers to build cross...

3 replies - 6926 views - 05/07/13 by Shay Shmeltzer in Articles

GlassFish on Ubuntu Touch

A few years ago, it was unthinkable to most of us that a Java application server can run on a small/mobile device. Now it seems almost passé. Many of you have...

0 replies - 2069 views - 04/16/13 by Reza Rahman in Articles

How to call a rest webservice with an untrusted SSL certificate

In our development environments we have configured self signed SSL certificates for our applications. Obviously we won't spend money for internal dev servers....

0 replies - 9374 views - 11/16/12 by Rodrigo Asensio in Uncategorized

Thoughts on Droidcon London 2012

Twelve months on from my first visit to the UK edition of Droidcon, I was back in Islington this week for this year’s version. The format was the same:...

0 replies - 1781 views - 11/07/12 by Dan Dyer in Articles

Oracle Gets Java Running on iOS Devices

This might have been hidden somewhere between the lines, but you can now run Java on iOS devices.Oracle found a solution for the "iOS can't run Java"...

8 replies - 65335 views - 10/25/12 by Shay Shmeltzer in Articles

Java 2D Graphics (AWT)

A basic hello world graphics program. Use to get started in 2D graphics programming.

0 replies - 6013 views - 06/15/12 by Nick James in Uncategorized

Landmark Case in Software Copyright: Judge Rules that Java APIs are Not Copyrightable

Google won a battle in the so-called "smartphone wars" when Judge William Alsup ruled yesterday that Java APIs are not copyrightable.  This crucial...

1 replies - 5546 views - 06/01/12 by Eric Genesky in Articles

Cross Platform Beats Native When Done Right

Reading Juhani Lehtimaki's posts on dzone in which he claims inferior results when using cross platform frameworks finally convinced me to write about...

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Intersecting Lines

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Short Circuit Operator

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Codename One - Making WORA Real Again For Mobile Devices

The iPhone was the first major phone to launch without Java, changing the landscape dominated by J2ME into a reality with a different kind of...

3 replies - 6800 views - 04/10/12 by Shai Almog in Articles