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Introduction to XAML development on Windows 8

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At BUILD 2011, Microsoft announced Windows 8. This upcoming version of Windows is probably the biggest change the OS ever went through. Windows 8 focuses on web, apps, touch and the tablet form factor. For developers, things will change as well. They need to be ready to build applications, called Metro applications, tailored for Windows 8 or adapt their existing applications for the new OS. Together with Windows 8, Microsoft announced Windows Runtime (WinRT), a new way of working with Windows.

As you can see, that's a lot of new stuff to get your head around! To help you, Gill Cleeren, Microsoft Regional Director and Silverlight MVP will explain you the new strategy that Microsoft is taking. In this webinar, we'll see what WinRT really is, how we can use it to build Metro applications with and how we can leverage C# and Silverlight knowledge to build Metro applications. We'll take a look at a fully working application as well to give you a clear picture of all the knowledge you'll gather during this hour. Watch this recording so the developer story for Windows 8 will have less secrets for you!


Raja Tiwari replied on Sat, 2011/12/17 - 3:02am

I am more of a neutral person as I do lot of Win32 - low level stuff - for a living. However, I have seen many 2 or 3 year old kids use an iPhone, iPod or iPad WITHOUT EVER SEEING A USER GUIDE OR MANUAL. I have seen some kids pick up the same app in an iPhone and an iPad without any hesitation. If MS can do that, then they will succeed. Stevie Wonder just recently praised Steve Jobs for Voice Over, he said that the iPad/iPhone leveled the playing field for the blind. Is Windows8 similar to iPhone/iPad? Can people use it without ever looking at any guide or manual? Remember, all Windows users currently have been either taught the initial steps by somebody or read a user guide/manual.

Nirmal Upadhyay replied on Sat, 2011/12/17 - 3:21am


But everything can't REALLY be handled by tablet. Like all products, a 'tablet PC' won't be for everyone. It will be a nice alternative to those who prefer to have all of their applications with them; especially for travel and other times that connectivity isn't reliable, cost effective, or even available. Business people can have the advantage on this. Until and unless all the PC's are replaced by the tablets I dont think tha metro application will handkle everything.



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